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ttc is obviously on my mind too much!

anyone else realised they might use the lingo on here a bit too much.........

today at work i had to write "TRC"....and i wrote "TTC".........arrgh! luckily i spotted it quickly!

i have to stop myself saying "AF" as well to other people....

is it just me?????



  • nope....on my car display, it says af....obviously for air frequancy but makes me giggle everytime i get in! And i have to stop myslef saying to oh that i want my bfp!! xxx
  • yeah with you girls!!
    i'm the same, really hard not to use it when texting oh!!
    lol!!! it does amuse me though!
  • I said it to my cousin the other day!! Luckily she confided in me when she was trying so it was ok to tell her what i meant!! oops!!
  • teehee immense it's a like a secret club - if someone else lets slip the code then it's obvious they are in it!!
  • I do it all the time to, when i'm talking to my friend on msn or e-mail i use it alot, luckily she is also ttc #2 and no's we are trying so understands!!!
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