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my dog fell pregnant!

hey all hope you ok. thought this mite make u all smile at half eleven last night i was startled by the screaming of my little lhasa apso dog, so rushed out to the kennel outside.
There she was being completly traumatised by our male Patterdale Terrier, he was literally locked to her behind!. so after much pulling and pushing i got him off and then thought omg the dogs pregnant great one!
I rang the vets this morning to request whether there is such a thing as the morning after pill for dogs!
LUCKILY THERE IS so bless my little molly she is booked in to the early pregnancy clinic on thur, and as for Wilson our Patterdale he is having the snip asap.
The :lolimagenly pitter patter of tiny feet i want to hear is from our baby and not a litter of mad pups! lol xxx


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