10 months

i've been trying for this long after my first baby, and nothing happened yet, ging to doctors today about it a bit nervous tho, image xxx


  • Hi there

    Sorry it has taken 10 months , please do not be worried. The doctor may say give it a few more months as i was told by mu nurse they do not start running tests till you have been trying for a year.

    Sadly it can take that long but go along and have a chat with him image it will happen babe

    K xx


  • hiya

    were on month 11 this month, and it will prob be the last month of ttc for us.
    were so fed up about nothing happening, but the docs wont do anything because we already have a child. Wont even do ov tests, just keep saying go away and forget about trying, just have fun.

    Unitl it gets to about a year i think, most docs wont do anything.

    Hope yours is one of the nice ones and helps you.

  • Hi, i'm on month 10 but its my first so i guess the docs are more inclined to take me seriously. Its not fair on you though, i'd go to docs and ask some questions. Good luck, hope you get on ok. Sx:\)
  • just a tip for those of you about ov ing my doc wont help me cos i have two children so ive bought the ov sticks off ebay really useful and this month got a pink line. Also ive been taking Ovulex tablets got them off ebay they a natural herbal supplement to aid conception so they must have worked cos i dont ov. Also there is one called Fertilaid just type it in google.
    These may help those of you who cant get help from the docs good luck xxx
  • the doctor I saw was really nice but did say they can't carry out tests til after a year, and as my periods are regular she doesn't think there is a problem there just unlucky. But obviously she can't know for sure. She went through alot with me (most of which I already knew, but the thought was there bless her) and told me what days are best etc. and gave me tips and stuff of concieving sooner. She told me if I was still worried give it another 6 months then come in so thats what I'm going to, and just have fingers crossed. I've saw ovulation kits in the shops, are they worth getting? I wouldn't have a clue were to start with one!!
    Also, everyone who replied thanks, I'll be hoping for you that your time comes! xx
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