hello just a question

Hello, I just wanted to ask a question as I am not actually able to ttc atm, but has anyone read anything on Dr. Shettles and his gender theories? Does anyone have any opinions or has ever tried to "choose" a gender through conception. My husband and I have been joking about giving it a go as we have three girls though frankly we can but be so incredibly grateful for what we have. It has more just been one of those late night sofa conversations. So I thought I'd ask as I thought it is a really interesting idea either way.

Good luck to every one ttc. image


  • Have you seen the Chinese Gender Chart on ivillage ?

    It shows the gender of the child by the mothers age and the month at the time of conception.
    I tried it for my daughter and it was correct but i've been ttc for 8 months so at this stage a baby of any kind would be just fine!!

    I would really like a boy and the chart shows I should conceive a boy if i was to conceive in oct or Nov. I'm not gonna stop trying but if it happens then i'll be even more excited !!

    maxi xxx
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