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O/T - the worst job in the world

Kinda following on from something Grudie said about her hubby not wanting to see anymore willies...

Hubby is in the RAF and trains the new recruits. During the training the recruits have to give a urine sample for drugs testing.
Well today hubby got lumped with the task of "supervising" the recruits giving urine. Seriously, he has to stand behind them and make sure they don't add anything to the pot, he then has to check the temp of the sample. It's a job that's effectionately known as "cock watch"! Can you tell my hubby is the "new boy"?

I know I shouldn't laugh but the thought of my hubby spending the entire morning watching 18 year olds pee just cracks me up!! The man has such a big ego that it makes me chuckle.


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