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makes me so angry!

Love it!! where did you get the suit from??
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  • just been to get my haircut, and the hairdresser was pregnant (6 months) and when I got there she came in from the back and stank of cigarettes......

    why do people do that to their babies?!?!?!

  • I actually gave one heavily pregnant woman a mouthful last week when I saw her smoking. She was holding the fag about three inches from her toddler's face as well.

    I know it's none of my business, and I did struggle with giving up when I found out I was expecting DD, but I managed it, you know.


    I think it's harder to see that sort of thing when you are desperate to conceive.
  • yeah, true, have always been very angered by it, but more so now. Good to hear from an ex-smoker that its possible though and that they have no excuse!
  • yeah, makes me mad too - it is so ignorant & to think of all them toxins going straight tot he baby.

    I can't even stand to walk behind people who are smoking when I have my son with me, I make a right fuss of getting past - especially as Kyle always comments on the naughty things they are having, he really doesnt like it, bless him!

    I think I am worse though as used to be a smoker myself until 6 years ago - despise it now though thank god!

  • i stopped smoking the day i found out i was pregnant. it wasnt about me anymore and weather i wanted a ciggaret, the baby came first as far as i was concerned! and the thought of starting after was awful the thought of holding my baby while i stank of smoke . no way. its makes me so angry. my son was in speciaol care and the amount of mums outside smoking who would then go in and hold thier tiny ill babies. argh.
  • I agree, i saw a women outside the bowling the other night and she had a cig hanging out her mouth to say i was raging was an understatemet i think she knew from the look i gave her haha xx
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