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Any one heard/had of Ovulation Sonogram /Ultrasound ???

Has anyone ever had on of these on CD13??? Apparently my doctor wants to see how my eggs are maturing. But like the day21 blood tests since I ovulate on CD18 at the earliest do you know if I should go maybe cd17 not 13 ? Isn't 13 for those with a 28 day cycle.? Or is CD13 good for everyone as in DAY3 tests =) I will be getting all the bloodwork and sonogram next cycle. Hopefully, I won't need it though. They also didn't schedule for cd21 tests though. Think I will give them a ring. I am CD 16 today so maybe I could still go in for the sonogram. Thanks ladies !!

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  • Hiya babysnow, sorry I can't help you as I've not had this ultrasound myself...but wanted to say good luck to you. I'm sure someone will log on soon who has experience of this. Hope it shows good results!

    With the 21 day bloods, I would go 7 days after you think you ov'ed. On the cycle I went I ov'ed late on day 21 so didn't go until day 28. Hope you don't need them too! xx
  • hi baby snow,
    Just got back off hols and catching up. Hope im not too late to help.
    It sounds like follicle tracking. They start the scans around cd 12 and do them every other day (well they did for me) until they see that ov has occured so they should continue the scans until you ov to see how your follicles come along over a wk or so.
    Hope it all goes well. I had this for 2 months when i first started clomid X
  • Ohhh thanks for the advice ladies. They just told me CD13 but maybe this is their plan. Would it just be cheaper to check progestrone or CD21 bloods? Is this ultrasound internal ?? How does it feel loobylou81 ? I usually ask doc alot of questions but this caught me by surprise lol. Thank you both.
  • Hi,
    Yes it is internal and it wasnt too bad actually, not unsimilar to a smear but i thought it was more comfortable. They intsert a probe thingy (which is very similar to a vibrator) and poke around a bit to see each side of your ovaries but its over within 10mins if that. When they did mine they did blood test to check proetrogen on day 21 as well to double to check. But with the ultra sound they can see which side you ov, your womb lining, and how many follicles you produce and what size they are and if they are growing enough to ov ect so its more thurough than just bloods.
    When I went the first time I didnt know that Id have to go back a few times either but the nurse said they normally do 3.
    Hope all goes well x
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