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Very quietly announcing a bfp...

Hey ladies,

I am very quietly announcing my bfp it's still early days I'm only 3 weeks so haven't told anyone other than hubby but am fit to burst! After an early mc last month, a urine infection & a viral infection thought it was impossible I could be pregnant. Have been at docs 3 times over the last 2 weeks for abdominal pain & a fainting episode. 5 -ve preg tests assured the doc and me I wasn't pregnant so was starting to get worried as I had really unusual symptoms - sleeping 14 hours a day and fainting for a start!

After another -ve test on Friday I never thought anything until last night I just had a feeling so 3 cheapies and a clear blue digital (2-3 weeks pregnant) have confirmed what my mystery illness is. The really embarrassing thing is my hubby wondered why my first response test didn't pick it up on Friday. After a slight route around my bathroom bin (yuk!) I pulled out a faint but clearly +ve test which had obviously taken the full 3 mins to develop!!! I have been duly ribbed but also came home to a huge bunch of flowers from my hubby.

On a separate note has anyone had the swine flu jab I'm getting mine tomorrow have already had flu jab last week when I didn't know I was pregnant.

Sending lots of winter baby dust to you all



  • Pam this is lovely news!! I think the FR test is quite amusing and can see myself doing a similar thing!! I wish you all the best over the next 9 months and hope you enjoy preparing to be a mummy!!
  • Congratulations hun. I am 12+4 and had my swine flu vaccine 2day and I am feeling fine at mo!!!
    Just to say if the digi test said 2-3 weeks that means you are 4-5 weeks pg as you add on 2 weeks to what it says on them!!! hope that makes sense!!!
  • Very loudly shouting YIPPEEEE.

    Congratulations hun.

    I did the same with a superdrug, pregnancy brain setting in early for us I think.

    I'm getting my swine flu jab soon, like you I've already had my flu jab.

  • Hi Muffin,

    This is not the end of my humiliation if I'm totally honest yesterday when I did the first test I was so sure it would be -ve that again I didn't bother waiting the full 3 mins as I've always found that rather depressing just to be told it's a -ve. I was just about to put it in the bin when I noticed this very faint 2nd line. Still not twigging I thought that's a really bad design as someone could mistake that for a faint +ve, anyway as I'm thinking this the line gets darker & darker. I thought to myself oh sh**t I think it's +ve. I then waited till my hubby got home as I didn't think my legs would drive me to ASDA. My way of breaking the happy news 'Well what do you think this line means then?' I clearly have all the nutty hormones running through my veins already!

  • Congratulations!!! I love your story, it made me laugh - I can totally see myself being impatient and not waiting the full time either! Hope you have a H&H few months : ) .x.
  • congratulations
  • Congratulations! x
  • Congratulations hun! xx
  • Congrats Pam
    So happy for you.
    Here is to a happy and healthy 9months

  • well done Pam, wonderful news
    wishing you a very healthy and happy 9 months

  • Congratulations!!!!
  • Fantastic news! Congratulations xx
  • Well done - it sounds like something I'd do too!

    Here's to a happy and healthy 9 months
  • congrats! that's great news
  • Ok thought I'd update you ladies on how much my brain has went to mush. After the above mentioned embarrasing moments, I had to go back to the doctor today and say that despite being adamant on Friday I was not pregnant I actually am. (I did not however admit to reading the test wrongly!). I then went on to provide the wrong maiden name giving my Mum's maiden name instead of my own and then had to go back to tell him and face the shame!! I have no idea how I am going to get through the next 9 months if this is the state I'm in already!!!

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