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Just started the 2ww - anyone with me?

Anyone else just started the dreaded 2ww?

My temps indicated that I am 1 dpo today so will be testing on the 22nd of November, just before my birthday! This will be 6mths for me ttc and I am more than ready now to see that second line!

I've lots of PMA this month! Babydust all round! xxx


  • Hi BabyDancer,

    I believe I'm due to ovulate tomorrow so a couple of days behind you, but I would love to join you on the 2ww!! This is my first month ttc so still not totally sure about my cycle...but I'm hoping my body behaves!!

    Let's make this a lucky thread and get our BFP'S!!.x.
  • me too, i thought ov was yesterday but i am still having pains today so i think it might be today so i will be 1 dpo tomorrow. i would love to have some company in the 2ww.xx
  • I'll join you, not quite on the 1ww just yet. AF is due on the 21st, but going to try to hold off testing until the 24th as it's my birthday, hoping for a double celebration!!
  • fingers crossed for us all! im due to test nex wednesday, 18th...lil nervous! x
  • Fingers and toes crossed!!!

    Well I am 2dpo today and already getting the urge!!! How will I last until the 22nd?!

    I've stocked up with ebay cheapies, Tesco, FR and CBD's! Feeling optimistic, that month 6 is our lucky month!

    My birthday is the 26th Dotty!!! Lets hope we get our Birthday BFP's! xx
  • what a fab prezzy! couldnt ask for more!

  • Hey BabyDancer, happy early birthday for the 26th, that's my sister's birthday too.
    Good luck xx
  • Ooh tiannastar you must be soooooo excited waiting to test!!

    I'm on CD13 and my predicted OV date from is Sunday so I'm a few days behind you ladies! Hopefully I'll be testing around 30th November but I suppose it depends on my OV date - this is our 1st month ttc so I'm not sure about my cycle yet!!

    Good luck to everyone - can't wait til the BFP's start appearing! xx
  • well i am not sure wether i ov;d today or wether i am 1dpo still waiting for ff to tell me i ov'd. i think i will be testing around the

    good luck
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