BFP but had a period, confused!!


I got a strong second line on a Superdrug test mid morning yesterday and a pregnant 2-3 weeks again this afternoon on a CB digital. I had what I thought was a period last week which was lighter than normal but did have one heavier moment for a couple of hours on Thurs then it was light again and finished on Sunday. The only reason I tested was because I was getting really strong postive OPKs yesterday and this morning which isn't normal for me as I usually get a surge on OPKS on CD20-21. Have I had miscarriage and just have HCG left in my system? I'm a bit confused!!!!!!!!!!!! I rang the doctors who said it is possible I could have had a miscarriage or could still be pregnant but to wait and test again in a few weeks time. The only possible symptom I've had is peeing a bit more than normal. I also had a positive on a first response this morning.

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  • Oh hun, that sounds confusing, don't really have any advice but but keeping my fingers crossed that you have a bean.
  • It sounds a bit heavy for implantation bleeding but plenty of people experience breakthrough bleeding. This is a bleed at the time AF is due. I've no experience myself but wanted to let you know, so you can do some research or maybe others can advise further.

    Wishing you lots of luck xx
  • I am going to be no help at all but just wanted to wish you all the best and i hope you have a bean holding on in there :lol:

    I had a period type thing for the first 5months with my boy so you never know and he is a happy 3yr old image
    Ill keep my fingers crossed for you xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • on my first pregnancy i had a implantion bleed at 7dpo and it lasted for 5 days so it could have been that,good luck

  • It sounds that you are pg to me. I've read that it is quite common to have a bleed in early pg. My friend did at the start of hers too and went on to have a healthy son.
    You've had another positive test today so I would say you are. You're GP should be able to do a test for you to ease your mind a bit surely?
    Take care, I hope this is a sticky bean and you have a healthy pregnancy.
  • Doctor didn't offer a blood test he just said to test in a couple of weeks as apparently HCG can stay in your system for a while after miscarriags. Would you know if you had a miscarriage e.g very heavy, clots and pain?
  • hi there, I had exactly this in May, I bled for 5 days, thought it was a period, I was checking my temp and it stayed high, so I curiously tested, not expecting positive, but it was. My pracitce nurse (ex midwife) was good, let me have some blood tests to confirm what was going on).
    I would get yourself to the GP and ask for HCG blood tests a few days apart, that way they can check for a blighted ovum or a healthy pregnancy.

    Sadly, mine ended in mc @ 7 weeks, however my friend also had a 'period' at the start of her pregnancy and her son is now 2!!
    wishing you all the best. x
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