aahhhh ok its official

Hey me and my husband are officialy trying now although not - we are not saying we are as dont want to put too much pressure on ourselves! im so scared though and i have days where i think ahhhh i cant do it but i know that it will also be the best thing ever im just worried about parents reactions on my side - anyone else worried about that and of course money but im sure we will be ok! well just thought i woud say hello in this forum as i have been in the planning a baby one.

Hows it all going for everyone else?

Good luck image xx


  • Hi finefilly

    welcome to ttc. Wish you the best of luck

  • Welcome over to ttc finefilly!! It's really exciting when you decide that you're 'officially' trying : ) I'm on my first month ttc and there are lots of others in their first month too, so we can all go through it together! Wishing you lots of luck, hopefully we will all have our BFPs soon.x.
  • hey im a newbie 2 just had my first month ttc but af came 2day the bitch lol! im also a bit concerned about both sets of parents reactions but if its right for u then who cares. good luck ttc throwin lots of baby dust 2 u x x
  • Hi, I'm on CD3 of our 1st month TTC. Fingers crossed we'll all have our BFP's soon x
  • Hi finefilly!

    Welcome! Everyone is lovely and full of great advice!

    I'm on my first month too although on withdrawal bleed at the mo which I cannot wait to go so we can start upsi-ing! x
  • Thanks guys!!! How ol is everyone? Im 24 in March and im really worried that people will think i am too young image xx
  • Hi finefilly! I'm on my first month TTC as well, fingers crossed it happens quickly!
    I'm 26 and OH is 22, don't worry what other people think about your age, it's only a number!

    Good luck xx
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