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Fed up!!

Hello everyone - I am sooooo fed up today!! Last week I found out I was 4 weeks preg, confimed with the Doc....and guess what on the weekend, I started spotting and obvioulsy led to loosing the baby. I am soooo frustrated and irratated. This is the third time for me this year that I have lost it, just after confirmation from the Doctor. I dont understand what I am doing wrong here and totally fed up with it now. I know I can have a baby, my son is now 23 months old. I just want to crawl into a corner and cry!!


  • Hi Bronz1010, I'm so sorry to hear your news. Wish there was something I could say to make you feel better. The only thing to hold on to is that you know you can have a baby like you say, so I'm 100% sure that you will be lucky and get a super sticky bean again and got on to have a healthy baby, I really really hope that it happens very soon. So sorry again honey, sending you huge hugs.x.
  • Hun (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    My boy is 3 i have been ttc for 15 months and i have also had the heartach of loosing 2 beans 1 just after doc said yep ur pergs. I know its so painful and nothing will help right now.
    Doc's wont talk to me as i already have 1 child so i can do it ! image not much help really...
    We are all here if u wanna chat

    gems xx
  • Hi Bronz,
    Didn't want to R+R, you should crawl into a corner and cry, it will make you feel better, but don't stay in there too long!! You've still got things to be happy about, a wonderful son for a start, and it will happen for you, you just need some PMA. My pregnancy ended 9 weeks ago, I was 27 weeks pg and I couldn't speak to anyone for weeks, I also had my little corner that I crawled into to cry. It has got easier, but I still crawl in there every now and then for a sob!!
    I hope things get easier, and that you start getting some answers soon as to why it's happening.
    Sending you a virtual hug ((((((x))))))
  • so sorry to hear this hun, I hope you get a super sticky bean soon
  • just wanted to send big hugs hun.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • really sorry to hear this, hope you are ok xx
  • So sorry to hear this Bronz1010. Thinking of you xxxx
  • So sorry to hear what your going through hun, thinking of you (((((((hugs)))))) xx
  • Hello all - thank you very much for all your lovely messages and support, I really appreciate it.

    I have just been to the Dr and she is finally referring me to a consultant to get this sorted. After 3 losses, its been a helluva year....its a bit much now and feel very relieved to finally get somewhere now.

    Thank you once again
    Hope you all get your BFP very soooooon!!!
    Bronz xx
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