Pregnacare and luteal phase questions

Well my body never ceases to amaze me!

I always make a note of my cycle lengths and i can go anywhere from 31 to about 36 days, sometimes longer.
This is my second month ttc but as my OH works away and is only back weekends, sometimes not even then, i know it's going to be hard to get the timing right. Anyway, this month i worked it out and the timing was perfect! I was so excited when he came home and i knew we were in with a chance! So then i started getting lots of signs and pretty much convinced myself i could be pregnant.. but oh no.. my body had other ideas. This Sunday would of been day 31, the earliest day for af, but for some strange reason she came today! Day 29. Never before have i had a 29 day cycle, why is she so cruel?!

The only thing that i'm thinking, and this might be stupid but it's the only thing i've done different, is that because i've started taking Pregnacare conception i thought maybe it's sorted my cycles out. I'm not sure if i ovulate every month, i have PCOS and endometriosis which doesn't help, and i rarely notice the ewcm around the time i'd be ovulating, but this month i did get the ewcm. And when it happened i thought it was early to ovulate, but as af is early it makes sense now.

So i have a couple of questions..
firstly, do you think Pregnacare could of helped me to ovulate, or aided it in any way? Or is it a coincidence...?

Secondly, i keep reading about the luteal phase. How do i work mine out? Do you count from the day you get the ewcm to the day af arrives?

Any help appreciated!

thanks all image


  • I'm sorry you have been so disappointed.

    Personally I don't think Pregnacare will have affected your cycles at all, it's pure coincidence. I'd still take it though, as it's great for giving your body all the nutrients it needs for ttc/pg.

    Luteal phase is the period of time between ovulation and AF arriving. I always used CBFM so it was easy to work out from the peak reading and others use OPK's which again does the job for you. As you don't seem to use these then it's more difficult. How many days do you get EWCM? I'd count ovulation as the day when you get the most EWCM, the day after would be 1LP, etc. until AF arrives and this will tell you your LP.

    Of course I hope you get your BFP next month so don't need to work it out. Wishing you lots of luck xx
  • Hi lawso and thanks for your reply.

    I've heard CBFM mentioned a few times on here, what is it exactly? I haven't tried OPKs only because my OH works away and whenever he is back we BD any way so we'd be doing that if i was ovulating or not image

    I only notice the ewcm as much as i did that sunday every now and then, not every month, and i only get it one day, sorry if tmi but it was just a big gloop, hard to miss really! I remember seeing it in the past and wondering what the heck it was, now i'm ttc and i've read all about it i know it's a good thing, unfortunately my OH was away at the time i had it image

    I've read that you're usually fertile for about 5 days leading up to ovulation, so if i got that ewcm on the sunday was i fertile the 5 days leading up to that or would that of been fertile day 1? It really threw me as i'd only finished my period a few days earlier.

    This month is going to be my last month of ttc for a while so i'm really hoping my OH will be back at the right times. In January he goes away for 6 months so ttc will obviously be placed on hold. It would be amazing to get a bfp before he goes.

    If it doesn't happen before he goes then i will be trying the OPKs when he gets back.. but it's going to be a long 6 months image
  • I've no experience of OPK's so can't really say how accurate they are, though I do believe that CBFM works better.

    CBFM - Clearblue Fertility Monitor - it's a little machine that you buy, then you have to PAOS on the days when it tells you, normally CD6-CD26 for the first month. You put the stick in the machine and it gives you a reading based on your fertility levels, low, high, peak. Peak being your most fertile/ovulation time. It's not cheap but for me it was worth every penny and we didn't BD every other day as recommended!

    I never used to get EWCM at all so again it was hard to predict ov time. The most fertile time to BD is the day of ovulation. You are fertile before that because your OH's swimmers can apparently survive inside waiting for an egg for up to 5 days. You are also still fertile for a day or so after ovulation, as it takes the egg sometime to travel down.

    Hope that makes sense and helps you with ttc, good luck xx
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