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Still no OV

Well i still havent had my peak on CBFM, been BDing about every 4 day which isn't enough so i dont think i will be getting that Xmas bean.

Also i woke up yesterday with a cold and today with an achy cold so i am ill as well as annoyed with my lack of OV!!! I just knew my fears of OVing every month were gonna come true, why is it your biggest wish doesn't come true but your fear will!!!!!!!!


  • aww hun, just posted on the diary post. ov could still happen yet, keep testing and try and do a bit more bd while you are getting high's that peak could pop up any day.xxxxxxxxx
  • Everything will be fine i'm sure, just keep trying. I dont even test for OV anymore, been told that there no where near accurate. Everyone is obviously different, got my fingers crossed for you tink. xx
  • Hi Tink - you get more of what you focus on - in this case your fear! You have to concentrate really hard on being positive that you will OV, and don't think about not OVing if that makes sense!
    Sorry for the "pyschobabble" but it's a valuable thought to keep with you.
    H xx
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