No AF and no BFP!

Hey ladies!

So AF was due on Tuesday and didn't show her ugly head! Had a few twinges of AF pain but not actually show. Last night I had the tiniest spot of blood (and I mean tiny) and then nothing. Did a POAS this morning and negative - not even a faint line!

Today had quite a bit of CM - that kinda looks slightly pale browny and a bit stringy (sorry TMI but looks like you imagine lining would look like). I often get it at the end of my period? A few on off cramps but nothing consistent and no blood?

Boobs a bit sore and I do feel sick - but both of those could jsut be cos AF is on her way.

Just kinda wish she would come if she is coming so I could deal with it and enjoy Christmas!

Just kinda wanted a moan and to see if anyone else had this?

Heidi xxx


  • Hi Snuggle
    I'm kinda in the same situation as you, on CD 30 today but got a BFN this morning. I came off the pill just over a month ago but have had no OV signs, no cm to speak of and absolutely no sign of AF either. I think for me it's just my body getting used to being off the pill but it's sooo frustrating!

    Will keep my fingers crossed that you get your BFP soon. babydust xxx
  • Same as me! I did a test on Sunday because I was due af last Monday... I am 10 days late...had Bfn on Sunday image testing again tomorrow. I had similar symptoms as you last week. Sucks getting a bfp at Christmas time image good luck and hope you do get your bfp soon and have a wonderful Christmas image xXx
  • you are only "late" if your have no af after dpo 14. the cd isnt an accurate sign as ovulation can be delayed. do you know when you ov'd?
  • Good Luck and hope you get your BFP very soon

    Merry Christmas x ??????? x
  • Yeah I OV'd 7th December (give or take a day) so am atleast 16dpo.
    Keep getting AF type spasms and then they go away - I go to the toilet and fully expect to have come on. I am pretty certain AF is going to arrive so wish she would hurry up!!
    CharloteB2B I hope you get your BFP too! You still waiting for AF to arrive?
  • Hi hun, just wanted to update you on my situation and am in same boat, I had a tiny bleed on day af was due 21st and then nothing, this morning went to toilet had a wee and wiped and there was a light red blood so expected af in full allday and tonight went toilet and wiped and got a browny discharge!!

    Got my hopes up and tested with a FR BFN again, had a wee cry and now am tucked up in bed on laptop waiting for SANTA he he!!

    Good luck hun and hope you get your BFP or AF as at least either way you will prob feel relieved, its the not knowing that kills me.

    Merry Xmas xx
  • Well saw my friend today who is 7 months pregnant - though it would make me feel a bit sad but it didn't! Made me feel much better and gave me loads of PMA back! Everything I am going through and feeling she has felt and gone through too so at least I knw it is normal! Hoping now that AF will just turn up so we can have some fun trying agagin! Plus my sisters star sign said I would get pregnant in January!
    I hope that your AF sorts it self out!
    Have a wonderful Christmas!!
  • Thanks Snugglenush... It's so annoying not knowing isn't it?

    I really wanted a glass of bubbley tonight and some blue cheese but I had to say no because I haven't done my POAS yet. Af still isn't here.... hope she doesn't arrive on Xmas day... I will be so angry!!! I'm getting really hormonal too :cry:

    Hope everyone has a lovely Xmas image xXx
  • I think mine has just arrived - not sure though as not alot there yet (sorry TMI!). I always have a really painful first day aswell so I am gonna be in pain all day tomorrow image Boooo!
    Ah well here's to a wonderful 2010 with lots of BFPs!
    Good luck all!
  • Hi hun, keep me posted as I've now had two separate bleeds and brownish cm so am thinking am still in with a chance? am going to get xmas out of the way and then test again in few days.

    I have been burping alot lately and I dont drink fizzy drinks?

    Good luck hun and will keep you posted like i said it might be implantation fingers crossed for you x
  • Merry Christmas!!
    Well update - it was a false alarm. No AF for me still. Just literally spots everynow and then and it not really blood red more browny?
    Maybe I OVd late? Thought it would be too late for implantation but maybe not.
    Like you said SD think I will get Christmas out the way and then worry about it!
    Fingers crossed for you still SD!Maybe we will both get our Xmas wishes after all.
  • I had the same thing a couple of months ago.. we thought i was pregnant for a couple of weeks until i did a test, it was BFN and AF came 3 days later... sometimes your cycle can change... but i hope that im wrong and ur PG!!! good luck
  • Hi snugglenush, just wanted to update you hun, as you know my af was due 21st I had spotting not af and on xmas eve I had some more spotting then started with a very brownish discharge and very wet feeling anyway.............woke this morning to af in full flow so am CD1 now I think am not that bothered am just relieved we can get on with month 2 of trying now but I have had a 40day cycle this month instead of my usual 35 day.

    Keep me updated I still have my fingers crossed for you, ps am sure this is my af now as i have had quite a bit of blood and af colour and nasty pains this morning oh well at least she never managed to ruin my xmas day and I dont feel guilty for drinking 1 1/2 bottles of rose cava even though I have a raging hangover today........Sofa day for me today am doing nothing!!

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