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Getting impaitent now :evil:

As most of you know I had a mc on 24th November at 6 wks pg, but I'm STILL waiting for my AF :evil: I know it's only been neraly 5 weeks and it could take a while, but I really hoped (and nievely thought) that it would be here by now. To add to the frustration, my (.)(.) feel exactly like they did when I was pg and so (again nievely) thought that there was a chance I could be pg again, but of course I got a BFN this morning.

I've always LOVED Christmas but this year I've just not been able to get excited. I also really love the sales and always treat myself and when I was pg, I'd planned to buy me some maternity clothes and the baby some baby clothes in the Next sales as I would have been 11 weeks - this would have been the first time that I would have been able to buy somthing to do with being pg/ having a baby and I was soo excited, but of course that all went out of the window :cry:

I've been trying ti keep my spirits high for everyone else's sake, and tonight we were going to my sis house and have fun on the Wii with my 2 neices (whom I adore) but I'vbe found out that she's invited her friend along...who is 20 something weeks pregnant :cry: so all of this put together I've ended up having a mini meltdown this afternoon. Poor DH, he doesn't know what to do for the best, and I just can't seem to snap out of it no matter how hard I try. I feel so useless, all I'm doing is comfort eating which is just making me fat which in turn makes me feel sh!t and lie on the sofa as I can't ba a$$ed to do much else. When will all this get better? :cry:

i'm sorry for the self obsessed post, I've just got no one else to talk to about it as they all seem to think I should be over it by now.



  • Hi Rainbow, aw hun I'm so sorry your feeling so down ((((hugs)))) it's awful not knowing what's going on with your own body. There's nothing much I can say that will really make you feel better, just really really hope you get your AF or BFP soon (fingers tightly crossed its the BFP!!)
    I know everyone says to look on the positives and when your so down it's difficult but it does help, look at all the great things you have, your supportive hubby, loving family, great little neices. We will get our longed for babies, we just have to be patient I sapose, but it will definintely be worth the wait! This time next year we will be still cleaning up the wrapping from all the presents the baby gotimage xx
  • it will i really do promise, just for some people it takes a bit longer! i had to wait 7 weeks for AF after my mmc! however i was testing for OV throughout so when i Ov'd at 5 weeks i knew AF would be about another 2 so was glad i did as it was an earlier reassurance that my body was OK! would've gone nuts after 6 weeks else!!!!!

    it's still early days for you hunny, i'm almost 5 months on from my mmc and still have sad moments, but its SO much easier! you really do just have to give yourself time! Xmas is hard espesh if you dodn't have kids already to take ur mind off things, i don't think i could've handled xmas only a few weeks after a mc so you're doing really well and that stage has been and gone! chin up sweet, she will appear and the relief you feel after the inital sadness will feel good - it did for me anyways, course a bfp is better but personally i would've worried constantly!!!!! xxxx
  • The first is always the worst. Mine took just over 6 weeks to arrive, I also thought I might be pg before it arrived which was highly improbable since we hardly bd'd. RK is right it can take a long time, I mc'd 17 months ago and not a sniff of a bfp since. Edd was the hardest moment of my life worse than the mc itself I think. I am coming up to what would have been my babies 1st birthday and without having a baby it kind of all feels raw again.

    You will have plenty of moments but you need to allow youself to have them. I bottled it up and then completed self distructed and it is not healthy. You will feel like others have moved on and it is really hard. Don't apologise for your post, we really have all been there, more times than I would care to mention. This place has been a life line to me everyone on this board will understand everything. You are very early days, take your time xx hope first one is not to painful and that you get your sticky bfp really soon xx
  • Rainbow honey so sorry you are having a tough time. I agree - it does take a long time to start feeling human again. Here I am three months down the line and I still have my moments. I've been feeling much more positive, but even today I was still thinking about how unfair it has been, and how worn out I am by the whole thing.

    Although time is dragging for all of us, I keep telling myself that in a couple of years this time will seem like a bad dream.

  • I'm sorry you are feeling low. I'm not going to take over your post but i'm having a similar experience (i've posted a thread). Spent most of the day in tears.

    Like M&S I'm taking comfort that this time next year i'll either have my much wanted baby or be very fat! x x x
  • Hi Rainbow,
    Sorry you are feeling down.
    Really hope you get the bfp you want.
    Sending you lots of (((hugs)))
  • Thank you ladies for all your lovely, kind replies.

    I am feeling better now which I think was helped by my fab neices and the sing star game!

    I've decided that if I need to cry, I'm going to cry rather than try to be strong all the time as I really did feel better after having my mini meltdown and writing down on here; so thanks again ladies image

    Last night I think my AF arrived (or at least started to). RK you're right, I did feel a huge relief which I was not expecting to feel! It's pretty light at the moment, but I'm hoping it's my AF rather than just spotting so then I can start using my lovely CBFM again, hopefully this will bring me the look it did last time.

    Thanks again ladies

  • so pleased she arrived! (never thought I'd say that!) but now you know where you are and can start planning again xx
  • I'm glad you're feeling better today and that AF arrived too. We;ll prob be cycle buddies as my af came this morning too.

    I think you are so right about crying if you want to. I found that the only way I could cope was to just go with whatever emotion I was feeling at the time. The more you try to supress it the worse it gets.

    2010 is going to be a good year for us all and I can't wait for us all to be announcing our BFP'S x x
  • MP, I'd love to be cycle buddies, I've never had one before image Do you use CBFM?

    Must admit AF isn't very full if you know what I mean, not sure if this is normal :\?

    I've decided that this time next year, we will all be in baby telling ech other stories of our babies first Christmas!

  • Rainbow honey, the thought of all of us in the Baby forum is what keeps me going! My first af after the erpc was also very light, and shorter too.

  • I've decided that this time next year, we will all be in baby telling ech other stories of our babies first Christmas!


    That made me smile, ooo imagine!! I'm all excited now image x
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