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advice on starting again and ovulation tests

Just wondered if anyone can offer any advice. I had a miscarriage (blighted ovum) just before Christmas and want to wait till I get first proper period then start trying again. Last time I used ovulation predictor kits but don't know if they will be reliable what with all the hormonal stuff that must be going on.

I do wonder if I 'forced' it a bit last time and perhaps that's why things went wrong. I was only just off the pill and had a very short luteal phase (quite shocked I actually managed to conceive to be honest) so was taking agnus castus and vitamin B supplements as well as doing sperm meets egg plan. Obviously it did the trick but now I'm wondering if something I did 'made' it happen when it shouldn't have if you know what I mean?

Does anyone have any thoughts on the ovulation tests or how I should approach it this time round? Obviously the sensible thing is to relax and let nature take its course but I just want to do everything I can to get it right this time.



  • Hi Skye

    Im sorry to hear about your loss. Firstly there is nothing you can do to prevent these things so dont blame yourself by thinking if you done things differently.

    You can use opk's after you've had your 1st AF hopefully your cycle will get back to normal quickly & all hormone levels will get back to normal.

    Lots of the ladies here use opk's of some sort to take the stress out of knowing when you have ov'ed. I personally for the time being like that relaxed approach I dont like knowing that we have to bd on a particular day as I find that stressful just incase we dont get around to it.

    Do what feels right for you hun.

    Goodluck xx
  • Hi hun, first thing I'm going to say is YOU DID NOTHING WRONG!!! Don't blame yourself hun, you didn't force anything, it's just something none of us had any control over so please please stop thinking like that.
    I had a mc at the start of December and we have decided to ttc straight away without waiting so I started using my ov tests again, they have worked perfect and I ov'd around the time I should so I would recommend using them, it really helps you figure out what's happening in your body.
    The best advice is to relax, by all means keep taking all your supplements (hopefully folic acid is in there!!) as I said there's nothing you did that caused what happened so there is no need to change your plan for that reason.

    Good luck xx
  • Thanks both for your replies. I think I'll give them a go and see what happens. Hey - at least all the baby money we saved means the outlay on the ov tests isn't such a hit in the wallet this time round! And DH is looking forward to trying again anyway! I know I shouldn't try to find reasons for the miscarriage because there isn't one. would just be easier if I could blame it on something I guess. Probably best I get myself back to work and take it out on someone thereimage Best of luck to you both too, Skye. x
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