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HAPPY NEW YEAR ladies!!!

Well just before Xmas i went to the docs due to a really bad cough. While i was there he asked how i was (he dealt with my TTC problems) so i explained that i had regular periods etc and now i am using a CBFM etc and everything seems to be getting all messed up!!!

He made a pretty valid point with what he said to me and reading Mrs Robertson's post just reminded me.

He said that before i was TTC but i wasn't SS or using OPK's or CBFM or anything. I was just having sex.

Apparently once you start TTC seriously and start charting, using OPK's and generally tracking OV etc you may think you arent stressed but your body is stressing.

I guess what i am trying to say is (and i am going to take this advice myself too) we all fret that our cycles are longer than usually so we convince ourself we are PG and we SS when i know i have had most of these symptoms before i actually started TTC and they were just AF symptoms. The reason our AF could be late (apart from if it is because you have a BFP) is the fact that we are stressing because we are waiting for that day to come. And when it passes we panic and fret and stress even more when we get a BFN!!!

I think we could save a lot of heartache if we accepted the fact (which i actually have done now) that that BFN means we definitely arent pregnant and that AF is late because we are worrying about whether she will turn up and if she does it means we have to try for another month and if she doesnt then are we pregnant or is something wrong with us blah blah!!!!

I hope no one takes this the wrong way or sees this as a rant but my doc made a lot of sense and i thought maybe now i understand why women do get pregnant so easily. Because they aren't even thinking about it so their body is in a relaxed state therefore there is no bad feeling in the body causing it to be stressed. I know this makes sense but some of us dont want to believe it but lately i have just been thinking this. I will do one more PG test tomorrow and if it is a BFN then i will accept that fact and wait for AF to arrive.

tink xxxxx


  • I do like that post, i honetly wish i could do that, i know im messing my body up with worrying.

    Im glad that you are able to do this, and i hope that i can too, as well as lots of other lovely ladies on here.

    I really hope it all works out.

  • i am waiting for af at the moment although she isnt late yet but i have been trying to talk myself into not charting this month and not using my opk's. we will see if i manage it.lol.xxxx

    good post hun.xxx
  • A nice post sweetie, makes a lot of sense, thank you for sharing it xxx
  • I totally agree with what you say Tink and have tried it myself but when you know you are TTC there is no way to not think about it, for me anyway. I will still know approx when I will OV without the CBFM and therefore will still know what DPO I am and SS.

    I think you have to either TTC without ever doing OPK's, SS'ing etc (tried for about 8 months) or totally give up hope of it happening. At least thats the way that I see it. It's a nice thought though :lol: x

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  • hey tink,

    I agree totally - this may sound a little patronizing but it makes sense to me - i'm not saying it's the case for everyone else but - when we we were having dinner the other day OH was telling me about how one of the dogs had a phantom pg - she literally had the same symptoms as when a dog is actually pg - apparently it is quite common in dogs - and at first i wanted to throw my plate at him and ask him if he was trying to tell me that i wasn't actually getting the symptoms i was teling him about - i was just imagining them because i wanted to be pg???!!!???!!! - but since - i thought about it - used the cbfm which has already chilled me out because i actually know when i'm OV'ing etc - in all fairness - whether it's a good thing or not - i am on the 2ww - day 35 of - what seems to be settling at 42 day cycles - and i haven't been convincing myself about symptoms that i am noticing that indicate i'm pg and therefore not getting my hopes up.

    So - i think his little talk with me was actually what helped me chill a bit.

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