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ITS MY BE Birthday :lol:

1 year ago i joined you lovely ladys image i had no idea about EWCM OV or even CD's lol :lol:
i would have had a clue about Chem Pregs OPK oh god the list goes on lol

I am feeling really chilled and not thinking about AF anymore
But i did have a dream whrer i went to the doc coz i wasn't loosing weight (i am dieting) and she said well u r pregg's :lol:

I am on CD41 of only a regular 27/28 no sign of AF and a BFN thismorning I am 23dpo :lol:

Gems x

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  • Awww HAPPY 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY with BE :lol:

    Awww hun, try not to fret, maybe you are a little stressed and AF is hiding away!!! Then again it may be a VERY shy bean!!!!

    Loving the pic btw image xxxxxxxxx
  • if its a shy bean then its not in my body :lol:

    I am just chilling out waiting for AF i dont feel stressed about it I dont work so have no worries :lol: and i am such a chilled person would be odd to get stressed out now image

    How are you doing tink???

    Pic's cool hoping its a lucky tree xx

    gems x
  • gembags happy be birthday!!

    I have learned a lot from this site too, it's brilliant.

    I'll be on here a lot as well over the next few months as oh is leaving tomorrow morning for 6 months, really not looking forward to that image

    I am now sat in a hotel room in Plymouth all on my own. He's coming back at lunch time to give me my injection of hcg, then i'll be on my own again.

    Just to let you know, before i found out about my very first pg (i had no idea i would be pg, Drs had told me i'd have trouble conceiving as i have lots of problems 'down there') i had a dream that i was pg. And i think the 2nd and 3rd time too. Back then i didn't count how long my cycle lengths were, or check cm or anything like that. We just bd every night! image so i never knew when i was late for af.

    So hopefully this is a good sign for you, fingers crossed image
  • Happy BE birthday. I just noticed mine was a year yesterday! How weird. I pop on here from time to time as Husband and I are still umming and ahhing about the whole baby thing but I love reading and chatting about it.
    I love seeing everyone's bfps so I can't wait til we get ours (we're not TTC but we're not being very careful IYSWIM).
    Good luck everyone!
  • happy be birthday hun, you will get that bfp this year. relaxation is the key i think. i have decided im doing smep this month but laid back if you know what i mean even trying to convince myself not to use the opks or chart my bbt.xxxxx
  • yay happy bday, mine will be 2 years next month! only been ttc since nov tho was planning till then xx
  • I am fine thanks hun. Decided to get fit and healthy this year and not put too much worry into TTC.
    I hope you are ok and that you had a lurvly xmas and new year xx
  • Im very good Thanx hun had a fab xmas and new year.
    I have been eating less and excersising and today i am in a bit of pain :lol: Only did 5 mins :lol: O god i am unfit hahahahahaha
    I lots 2lb already imageimage only about 5stone to go lol lol lol

    Without a Xmas BFP this has been the best year already image
    I am so happy with what we managed and very proud of myself imageimageimage

    2 years ago i was in aLOT of debt and finally this xmas was excellent and today i payd a last payment for a bill i thought was really high and i have money left from the ??100 i had put away to pay off it imageimageimageimage
    It may not make sence but I know what i mean but i am so happy with myself i am going to have wine with my dinner :lol:

    all i need now is a BFP and i think i would pop :lol::lol:
  • Happy BE Birthday Gem - still can't believe your AF is awol! I've been keeping an eye out all over xmas to see if it showed or you got your BFP!

    how frustrating!

    Apologies if you've already said, but did you definitely OV this month? if you didn't then that could explain the missing AF. If you did then it's back to the horrid waiting game x x
  • Happy BE Birthday to you!!

    I'm the same, I never heard of most of the things I have learnt on this site!! I hope you progress onto the due in forums soon xx
  • Happy BE Birthday Gems

    You've been a godsend to me on this site.,

    Pleased your spirits are up and hoping for a very early new year bfp for you.

  • Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear gembags, Happy 1st Birthday to you he he.

    Happy Birthday hun, I have enjoyed our chats and I really hope you have a shy bean hiding somewhere!!

    Love SD x
  • Happy birthday pet! Hopefully this is your month! xx
  • Happy birthday!! Keepin my fingers crossed for you.

    I lost the Xmas pudding thread as I didn't come online over the holiday - but wanted to let you know I got my BFP on Xmas day!! EDD Sept 1st.

    Sending lots of baby dust your way.
    H x
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