CBFM Question and Peaks

Hello all!

Quick question on CBFM, only on mth 2 and can't remember what I did last month...

Does it ask you to POAS after your first peak? I had my peak yesterday after 2 highs and today I turned my monitor on expecting it to ask for me to POAS and it just went straight to peak again?

BD x


  • Hi BabyDancer

    I'm on month 3 using my CBFM, for the past two months I have found that I always get two peaks, one follows the other - I have read that the monitor will always give you two peak days when it first detects a peak and then a high on the 3rd day followed by lows until AF is almost due, from experience I have found this to be true but the CBFM has always asked me to POAS on the day of the second peak rather then just giving the reading.

    Are you sure that you turned your CBFM on in the time window? I have missed a window before and it's given me the same reading as the day before- perhaps that's what happened with you today?

    Anyway I wouldn't worry about it as it's the same results either way.

    Hope that make sense and I haven't just been rambling lol now go do as your name says!!

    Xxx baby dust to you! xxxx
  • Hey! I think it might depend on how many tests you did before getting your peak. I think it counts the number of days you have tested, then if you get your peak, stops at 10 sticks.

    I think this cos for the last two months I peaked around day12, and was asked to poas on both peaks and the next day.

    But this month I ov'd late and peaked on day15. I was asked to poas on day 16 but then not on day 17; I assume because the little critter knew I would need the rest of the box for next month.

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