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Hubby no sperm count!

Hi all, im new to the site. We have just found out that hubby has no sperm. We are now waiting to be refered to the fertillerty clinic. We are upset and confussed as its not something we have heard about. I was just wondering if anyone has been through this or is going through this at the moment? Thankyou for reading :\?x


  • Hello MrsDM

    I personally havent heard of this either I dont think, didnt want to read & run.

    Im sure some of the other lovely ladies will be able to give you some good advice.

    Everyone here is wonderfully supportive.

    I hope you get some answers soon & are not waiting too long for your appt.

    Lots of hugs xxx
  • hi, sorry I am g/c but have a friend who's man hasn't got any either
    I know that doesn't help, but yes, there are people who have that
  • Hi MrsDM,

    You're in exactly the same position we were in May last year.

    Hubby had SA done at the local hospital and had no sperm (azoospermia) His GP was going to refer to a urologist but having spoken to an embryologist who knows about male infertility and performs ICSI/IVF on her advice we referred ourselves to a local fertility clinic that specialises in male infertility (CARE Northampton)

    Anyway she was brilliant just because they didn't find any sperm on this occasion doesn't mean necessarily your husband has no sperm. At our initial consultation hubby had to do another SA and HE HAD SOME SPERM!!! Ok not many and not enough to conceive naturally but the had some!!! He'd now progressed to olgoaesthenozoospermia (low numbers and low motility)

    2 months later he had to do another sample for him to freeze then we started out first course of ICSI (you go through IVF to produce eggs then on day of egg collection he produces sample and if there's viable sperm they'll inject the sperm direct into the egg) Hubby had accupuncture and also 3 weeks of chinese herbal medication (which I wasn't happy about as there's some dodgy stuff out there) but his numbers had improved dramatically. I made him stop taking it after that SA.

    All went well hubby had acupuncture just before egg collection and on the day.... No sperm..... 2 samples no sperm. We had to use the frozen ones which fortunately thawed out ok and amazingly out of 10 eggs 8 fertilized!! (chinese herbal medication can sometimes stop fertilization) I had 2 embryo's transferred and am now 17 + 5 (due in June) with one baby (and 2 embryo's in the freezer)

    Just wanted to offer you some hope image Are you being referred to the same fertility clinic that did you OH's SA? Even if there's no sperm again there are other options of exctracting sperm direct from the testes (fine needle aspiration) or a biopsy of the testes lining (think that would be using immature sperm) I also seem to remember the helpful embryologist saying even though the sperm may look dead in the ejaculate there's some kind of osmosis test which might show that some might be alive.

    Good luck image

    Alison xxx

    PS if you're fit and healthy, under 40 with regular cycles your chances of success are more likely image
  • Thank you 2 every1 who replied. It good to hear some sucsses stories. Afer searching the internet it has made me feel alot more positve. Still waiting for our refferal appiontment.....fingers crossed it wont be much longer.

    Mrs Pootle - Congratulations that is fab news.

  • Hi,me and my husband just got the same result back from the doctor and are now waiting for a referral to a fertility clinic. The doctor never really explained much (or said how long the referral would take) and we left the surgery feeling empty and confused :? So I've been doing my own research and just came across your post,which has given me hope. I hope you've had your referral by now and have started the journey and that it ends in happiness.
  • Hi girls,

    Less than a year back my DH Sa came back as no sperms (there were very few dead sperms seen)but the count was 0.

    Ofcourse that news was a shock. The Dr told us to go to an urologist, which we did but things didn't went well and DH didn't want to go again.

    We then changed Drs, DH's SA was still the same 0 (this time not even dead sperms). I told the Dr if we will do TESE but he refused his reply was "this should be the last resort we go to, we don't want to cut anything before we check all options".

    My DHs hormones mostly were fine only one was low (i dont remember which one) but the Dr said this was a good sign that his testorone was good.

    He game my husband clomid ... yes clomid can be used for men. 3months letter DH SA came back with sperms. The count was very very low but its enough for ICSI.

    They froze the sample and we are to start ICSI next month.

    All I want to say is that be strong and never lose hope. I know its very hard.

    Godo Luck
  • Hello, my BIL had no sperm and they went through surgical sperm retrieval and ICSI and I now have a four year old nephew as a result of their first attempt.
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