Which shops do you stalk?

well i'm torturing myself by looking at all the stuff i want when (if) we get our BFP. Plus i'm distracting myself from the fact i get weighed in 3 hours 10 minutes and i'm STARVING
So whats your fav shops to look at? I only really no babies r us and mothercare, but i've looked at everything now! :lol::lol:


  • I love all the bear range stuff from Babies r us!......Ok stop it Sarah!!!!
  • I have ALOT of stuff picked out :lol: I'm reguarly on the Mothercare & Mamas and Papas website. Occasionally go on Babies r Us too :lol:

    OH refuses to look at baby stuff yet so it's not much fun by myself! lol xx
  • I love the 'I love my Bear' and 'Loved and Adored' ranges from Babies R Us. Am addicted to their website....xxx
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