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Hey guy 5 weeks in and I have random bouts of tears, cramps, and oh my goodness the acid reflux!!! Who else is experiencing similar symptoms? How do you cope with it? Also craving artichoke pizza!!! I want nothing other than that... Do you guys have girls you can discuss this with? We're keeping the pregnancy on the downlow so I have no one to turn to!!!


  • Btw no food sounds appetizing except artichoke cranberry pizza and/or spinach artichoke dip.
  • Hi Kamo.

    I seem to be moaning to hubby every day atm about my sickness and constant nausea image I have told my mum so she gets my complaints too at the moment as no one else knows either. Wow cravings already? Have you made your own specialised pizza yet? I've gone right off food and have already lost 7lbs due to sickness. I try and think of the positive of being sick though as means baby is ok, but it does get you down keep running to the bathroom. Hope you feel better with time x
  • Haha no I haven't made the pizza, there's a little pizzeria 45 min from my me that makes it, it's called the Santa Monica it has no tomato sauce (which is great because I want none of that) instead it has garlic and butter topped with sundried tomatoes, artichokes, prosciutto, eggplant, and cranberries. Cravings just started a couple days ago and it's like a physical need! Haha! I'm right there with you, no one else to complain to but the hubby, but I've only been nauseated and had acid reflux so no vomiting. How far along are you?
  • I'm not pregnant yet but that pizza sounds amazing!!!
  • Oh my goodness yes it is!!! It's delicious! Haven't found any other place that makes it though and I can't drive out to get it all the time haha
  • No not practical I suppose! I love making my own pizzas so may have to give it a go! image
  • Pizza is probably the only thing I haven't yet been able to make successfully. I'm going to have to try though, so good! I am going to make a trip there soon though! It's irresistible image
  • That does sound lovely. I didn't have any cravings with my DD so be interesting to see if I have any this time around...although I went off fish fingers and still to this day can't eat them. I'm about 7-8weeks at present. Hope the cramps settle for you. Hot water bottles can sometimes help ease the tummy with the cramps x
  • You do have to be careful with hot water on the tummy, I was told to tone down my baths as I loved them hot and I couldn't use heat patches on my ribs as I was having severe pains. Don't think it's healthy for the baby. As long as you leave it until it's just warm though I can't imagine is a problem. Also try pregnancy yoga. Haven't done it myself but is supposed to be wonderful with all the aches and pains you get! X
  • The cramps come and go, they aren't real consistent I'm good at waiting them out, just uncomfortable haha. And yay! Getting there! I bet it would be fun to see what cravings people have, I have heard anything from pickle ice cream, to peanut butter m&m cookie sandwiches haha. I am obsessed with cheese.
  • Hi 6/7 weeks and feeling very nauseous but not actually been sick yet! I had cramps a few weeks ago but they have gone now so hopefully yours will go soon too. There is hardly any food that I find appealing at the moment and suddenly can't eat chocolate anymore image X
  • I understand, I can't eat much because nothing is appetizing. Exept the cravings!!!! Lol, that's sad about the chocolate though!!!
  • Hi guys, I think I am around 5 weeks pregnant and have mainly had very sore boobs, cramps, emotional & irritable, but no sickness yet. I suffer terrible with morning sickness, so I am not looking forward to it. I am hoping i dont get it as bad as i normally do.

  • Congrats Maddy! And every pregnancy is different so fingers crossed lol
  • Is anyone having trouble sleeping? I'm soooooooo tired and go to bed early and fall asleep straight away. But I wake up for a wee and I'm awake for hours!!! It's driving me crazy!!!!
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