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The Due in February 2017 Big Birth Announcement Thread!

Hello everyone!

Well, February 2017 is just around the corner, and we know we have had one birth already and some babies on the way very soon, so we've created this special thread for your birth announcements.

Please use it to tell us all about your labour and birth, and your first moments with your newborn – and we'll come and shower you with congratulations! (and if you fancy posting picture too, we'd love that!)

Good luck everyone! We can't wait to hear all about your baby's first few moments!



  • So excited to be able to post our birth announcement, even though it's still January!

    Harry Brian George Esler arrived by planned c-section on Wednesday 25th January, 10.21am, weighing 9lb 9oz.

    At our 32 week scan it was noted the baby had had a bit of a growth spurt so I was tested for gestational diabetes which proved to be positive, so from 19th December I was testing my blood sugars 7 times a day and controlling my diet - this worked well and I didn't need insulin until the day before Harry was born.

    At our 38 week scan two consultants both estimated his weight at over 10lb and because of concerns of shoulder dystocia we were offered a c-section the following week which we agreed to. Went home, received a phone call that evening to say a senior consultant wanted to deliver me sooner rather than later and could income in the following morning ... slight panic but ultimately better than a week worrying about what could go wrong! 

    As Harry was only going to be born at 38+4 I was given steroid injections from his lungs. Realy that was my only purpose for being in on Tuesday, along with pre op assessments and consent forms. Not much sleep on Tuesday night, between nerves and being on a very busy ante-natal ward. 

    Wednesday morning came, doctors came to see me and everything was on track. I was given a spinal block - this was the bit I was dreading and it did take a while to find the cortext position but once it was in it worked very quickly. A very strange sensation not being able to feel anything mind you! And they tested out the level of numbness with an ice cube lol Andrew was allowed back in at this point and from here it was very quick - a matter of minutes before they asked if he was squemish and if not to stand up as they were just delivering the baby, and he got to tell me what it was (we were Team Yellow). All 3 of us cried, Harry's probably weren't tears of joy like ours! He was checked over and brought back to us while they sewed me up and that was that! 

    We're getting discharged from hospital after two nights and I can't wait to be at home with my little family 💙


  • Lovely photo Bev! Congrats again.

  • Well there isnt much to my birth story buthere goes.....Friday 10th I was 40+10 and booked in for an induction. I rang at 9am and was told to go straight in. Got to the hospital around 10am and was popped on the monitor to check on baby. At 11.50 the midwife examined me and said I was 4cm and my cervix was so soft she could stretch it to anything so she broke my waters. contractions started around 12.15 and within half an hour were coming pretty quick and painful.

    The midwife said they would give me a couple of hours before examining me again however things happened rather quick and I was getting a lot of pressure and could feel my body naturally pulling baby down and pushing. I got on to my knees as this is what my body was telling me to do and Lucas arrived at 13.59 hours weighing 7lb 9oz and I was lucky enough to not need stitches. They put in my notes the labour was 2 hours and 8 mins from them breaking my waters and we were home for 5pm. 

    It was such a lovely experience and I remember all the detail Unlike with my first born x

  • Congrats AngWass! That sounds like a lovely birth experience, and the kind of thing I had been hoping for! Hope you're settling in well at home. Love the name Lucas.

  • Hi ladies, here's my birth story. Sorry but it's a bit of a long one!

    I didn't get my wish of naturally starting labour so went into the hospital to be induced Monday morning last week. It turned out I was already having contractions by the time I got there but my cervix was completely unfavourable. So they gave me the 24 hour pessary and the contractions got stronger. By the early hours of Tuesday they were so strong I didn't feel I could cope with just paracetamol / TENS but the midwife didn't believe me as I wasn't that dilated yet. However, they hooked me up to a CTG anyway and decided they weren't happy with baby's lack of movement so a consultant was brought to see me and we were taken to the labour ward. Finally, gas and air! This time, they monitored my contractions and said they were actually very strong and they didn't really understand why I just wasn't dilating (we later found out that she switched back to back again during labour and simply couldn't fit into the birth canal properly). They broke my waters and I got to 6cm but no further. The contractions remained super strong and the baby kept going into distress. Eventually they gave me syntocinon and an epidural but still I didn't dilate. The baby went into distress again, this time the emergency button was pushed and loads of people rushed in. The consultant decided to switch off the drip and wait for the baby to stabilise, which fortunately she did. It was thought that switching the drip back on was too risky for baby and that a long, intense labour was too risky because of my increased risk of bleeding. So the only remaining option was a caesarean.

    Even that was less simple than it sounded. The anaesthetist topped up my epidural, the surgeon tested it and asked if I could feel anything then sounded completely shocked when I said yes! They resorted to a spinal block, which worked a little too well for my liking. I can't remember the details as I was quite scared at the time but the epidural and spinal block reacted unexpectedly together in some way and I went completely numb from the neck down. The anaesthetist reassured me but I could tell he was concerned and he told me the next day that had never happened to him before. After all the drama, Lyra Elodie was finally born at 11:27pm on Feb 7th. 

    After the caesarean, my heart rate was 120 and wouldn't come down and I also had a temperature. So they kept me in for a few days on IV antibiotics  and also put Lyra on them too as a precaution. I found those few days horrendous. We managed to get a private room after the first night, which was much better, but people bustling in and out every half hour for various checks / blood tests / drugs wasn't exactly conducive to sleep!

    The best bit of our story is that she seems completely healthy so far after all of the earlier issues we had. She did have clicky hips during her paediatrician checks so they want her to have a hip ultrasound at 6-8 weeks to check for development dysplasia of the hip. We also have a geneticist referral to discuss everything now that she is actually here.

  • Hi everyone. 

    I was dues on the 22/2/17 but had my son on 27/01/17

    When I was 28 weeks I had a scan and they told me I had placenta previa. Had another scan at 30 weeks they told me it was completely placent previa. I had a bleed at 30+5, then had another bleed at 31+4 ended up being admitted to hospital was there for over 4 weeks. My consultant decided that I would have a planned c section when I was 37 weeks. When I was 36+1 I started to bleed it wasn't a bad bleed I thought it had stopped so I went to sleep. The next morning 36+2 just before 6am I woke up to lots of bleeding I pressed the button and about 5 nurses ran in to my room. Everytime baby kick I could feel I was bleeding everytime I moved more blood was coming. The doctor came in and said there was clots and we need to deliver baby straight away. I got the spinal block and ivs put in both arms incase I had a massive bleed while they were cutting me open. I did lose 800mls of blood but didn't need a transfusion. Baby darren was born breech at 6.43am weighing 5lb13oz but I didn't get skin to skin or get to hold him until you hours later as he was taken straight to the neonatal unit as he had fluid on his lungs. He stayed there for 13 days but is finally home and doing well. 

  • Hi everyone

    On the Monday 6 Feb I went to have a BP profile as they found my blood pressure was high at triarge (went in over hyperactive movement).

    After taking bloods it was confirmed I had pre-eclampsia and because I was 39+5 they wanted to induce me there and then. I had the 24 hr pro pessary inserted which started mild contractions but my cervix was too high and thick to break waters. A Dr came the next day to do a stretch and sweep and got me to around 1 cm dilation. Later that evening they came to check again and got some stretch to 2 cm and they managed to break my waters where contractions came in pretty regular and painful. 

    Baby pooed in the amniotic fluid they weren't too concerned at this point because she was a term baby. Was put on the hormone drip to dilate me further

    I was hooked on to CTG the whole time due to my blood pressure to monitor baby's movements, had pathological CTG so she had to have blood taken from her head to be tested for 02 levels. She was fine for a while and then they noticed a drop.

    Had an epidural which wore off on one side of my body 

    She was at difficult position for birth instead of looking up or down she was looking up diagonally had a top up of the epidural before they took me into theatre and prepared me for assisted delivery or c section depending on what was best for baby. After 3 pushes and forceps she was out but she wasn't breathing so they pumped her and took her down to neonatal for CPAP. She's now on SCBU doing really well and hopefully due home today or tomorrow. I lost a lot of blood so had to stay in. On the mend but so tired. Worth it though 

  • So on the 2nd Feb at half 5 in the morning my waters broke I woke my partner up who was sleeping in the living room with our eldest and he asked me if I had just weed myself to which I pulled down my trousers and showed him that I was still leaking, he seemed to clock then and shouted shit babe ur waters have broken lol and I said back I know. We got his mum round to drive me to the hospital while he looked after the other two and then she came back to look after them he walked to the hospital which is a ten minute walk from our house lol I wasn't checked out but only the colour of my waters and told to ring back at half 7 next morning if nothing had happened. So half 7 Friday I rang up and had to go to hospital for 9. They gave me a 6 hour pessary nothing happened a stretch and sweep to see how far I was and to pop the rest of my waters. I had a canula which took 4 attempts and the anethetist because the vains in my hand are so thin. And after some dinner and a few irregular contractions from the sweep I was put on the drip. I probably did an hour or 2 without gas and air but the drip was increased and I had gas and air for 4 hours. I honestly thought I wasn't going to be able to give birth to him it hurt so much but I pushed through the pain and little Harry was born at 2:43 on Saturday 4th. My midwives were amazing and because we hadn't choosen a name they kept coming up with ideas which helped me forget the pain for a little bit. I was so tired I kept passing out in between contractions and was saying some really funny stuff but the one thing that I remember the most is when I had pushed his head out and my partner shouts and cries oh Kyrie he has hair he has a full head of hair uve done it babe come on one more push and that was it I dont even remember the pain after that I was just so happy. My partner left the hospital at about half 3 and I jumped in the shower while the midwives gave him his vitamin k injections and finished feeding his bottle and I was taken up to the ward at about 5. I got hardly any sleep but I was aloud home after 12 hours and that was because he needed obvs for 12 hours because I was induced and because I had increased waters around him. He's a little angel at the moment the first few days were difficult with both my boys adjusting to having a baby in the house but now they love him to pieces and he sleeps for like 5 hours at night which my others never sleep for more the 2. He's now 12 days old and getting so big it doesn't seem real ATM I can't believe I'm a mum of 3 now. What is annoying is everyone saying when's number 4 then? I'm like never I've only just had this one and unless u can garentee it's going to be a girl I'm not interested lol ximage

  • Hey ladies. What a crazy day Wednesday was. Was overdue by one day and had my 40wk midwife appointment. She agreed to give me a sweep and said that I was very favourable and hopefully would have baby or at least start labour within 24 hours. This was at 2pm and by 7pm still no signs. My husband's 30th birthday was yesterday, the 16th, so we had family round to wish him happy birthday. Was sat chatting and had a pop pain, when I stood up I realised my waters had gone. Husband panicked, family couldn't believe it. Phoned the triage unit to ask what to do as wasn't having pains. They advised me to go in as was blood. By the time we got in the car ten mins later I had contractions every other minute, but pain was OK. 

    Triage was busy as it was an induction evening, so had to wait a bit to be seen. Got seen at 8.30, was 3-4 cm, contractions were still every other minute but still not strong or lasting long enough,so mw said to walk around for a few hours to bring it on. Wasn't ready for delivery, but didn't want to send me home. We managed to get to the front of the hospital and contractions started getting more painful, so decided to head back to get pain relief. The mw asked to examine me again as the pain was really bad and there was no break in contractions. I was 7cm already, so whizzed through to delivery. 

    Things then got blurry, I remember seeing the clock, was 9.30pm and gas and air was my best friend. My poor husbands fingers were blue from me squeezing. Next thing I remember is the mw taking the gas and air off me at 10.15 and telling me to concentrate on pushing. Skye arrived 15 minutes later at 10.30pm. 

  • My birth story.......

    My waters broke at 9.30 on Sunday evening but I had no other pain. At 10.30 I rang up labour ward to tell them that my waters had broke and I had a home birth planned. At this time I was getting contractions but they weren't extremly painful. 

    They sent out a midwife to see how things were going and I was fully dilated the midwife then panicked and asked me not to push until the other midwife arrived however I had to push. The other midwife arrived within minutes of Matilda been born.

    Matilda was then born at 12.18 and weighed 8 pounds 1 she was back to back but she arrived safely. 

    Im so glad I chose to have a home birth it was so relaxed and we didn't have to stress about childcare as our little girl slept through it and woke up to a little sister! 

  • Lauraaaaa, that is incredible - we can't believe your daughter slept through it all! That's so brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing your story - sounds like a dream birth! 

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