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The Due in July 2017 Big Birth Announcement Thread

Hello everyone!

Well, July is beckoning, and we know there's been one arrival from your Due in July 2017 birth club already, so we thought we'd get this special thread underway for all your birth announcements.

Please use it to tell us all about your labour and birth, and your first moments with your newborn – and we'll come and shower you with congratulations! (And if you fancy posting picture too, we'd love that!)

Good luck everyone! We can't wait to hear all about your baby's first few moments!




  • Hi everyone

    This is my daughter, Saoirse Grace Geddes. It's pronounced seer-sha in case you've never seen it.

    I had a sweep on Friday morning at the hospital and my show came on Saturday morning and then again at night and contractions started at 4.

    The woman who arrived before me got the pool so was a bit disappointed. Due to my hips it was hard to have an active labour so my contractions slowed down. Eventually gas and air wasn't enough and I didn't want the pethidine as it made me so sick. I was exhausted as I hadn't slept and couldn't eat I was so sick so had an epidural and all was well with the world.

    At 1pm I was 5cm and by 5pm almost fully dilated. At 6pm they broke my waters with the plan to start pushing at 7pm.

    My end stage with my son was over in ten min so once she saw the first push had worked she got the delivery pack open and she was born with one more push at 19:16 weighing 7lb 3oz.

    I needed a few stitches but there was no big damage done. I said to stitch me shut as I'm not having any more. 

    We've had two successful breast latches and one expression and she's had her new born poo so after her checks this morning I'm hoping to get home.

    I'm exhausted and have a very tender downstairs but other than that all is good with the world. X

  • Hi everyone I had Daniel at 1.30pm on the 1st July my waters went at 8.40 Friday night contractions started straight after. At 7 I was 2cm that was good for first baby at 12 I was 7 and got taken round to birthing pool and had gas and air and had him an hour and a half later image

  • After developing obstetric coleostsis at 33 weeks I was closely monitored for the rest of my pregnancy. 

    After feeling poorly and faint on the Thursday I decided to go to hospital to get myself checked out never did I think I would be leaving with our little boy. My OC had gotten a lot worse and the consultant decided that instead of waiting until the Wednesday when I would be 37weeks which was my induction date anyway I would be induced at 36+4. 

    I had the pessary and woke up after 12 hours with pain all in my hips, I took a bath and the pain died down. After 24 hours I was took down to the labour suit and they managed to break my waters at 1cm and WOW ! The pains started immediately and two hours later the drip was added and the gas and air was just not enough, I have no idea when the epidural was put in but wow I felt instantly better. 

     first check of my cervix and I was 5cm in 5 hours and his head was really low, our little one was constantly being monitored by ctg and his heart rate wasn't quite what they wanted to see so a doctor came in every half an hour to check all was ok, finally another 5 hours later and I was 9cm but due to swelling on his head they didn't know which way he was so they scanned me and he was in the correct position better still I was 10cm ! So the pushing started ! With the first push all seemed fine but then his heart rate dropped then again and again, in came the doctors ! And now after being in labour for 12 hours the decision to go to theatre to get him out was taken, I was set for a c section but with the possibility of an assistaed birth but then it escalated to a category 1 and we was rushed round. C section it was and our little man was stuck in my birth cannel it took 3 different attempts to get him out and it was all very traumatic for both of us.

    Little man needed 3 rescue breaths and was born on the 19th of June at 7:19 but he was ok! I was ok and in recovery. 

  • Hi, 

    My daughter was born after a very short labour of 40 minutes. 

    I had been in the hospital that afternoon for a sweep. I was 38+6 pregnant and having a sweep due to being on twice weekly monitoring for 8 weeks. I had the sweep at 2 pm and went home. 

    I had low tummy ache for the rest of the day but at about 930pm I had a stronger pain across my tummy that I knew from experience was time for me to leave for the hospital. I got to the hospital at about 945pm. My waters broke in the corridor at 10pm. I was quickly taken to a delivery room by 10 past 10 and offered gas and air. I did have a small amount and proceeded to start pushing. My daughter was born at 1025pm. I had a manger third stage and the placenta was delivered about 15 mins later. Baby weighed in at 7 pounds 7 ounces. I had no need for stitches and had a swift 6 hour discharge. Arriving home early hours of the next day. This suited me and the staff as the post natal ward was full. 

    I did however have a problem 2days later and was readmitted with retained membranes. I had to have a procedure to remove these and antibiotics to prevent infection. image

  • This is Ezra! Born 1st of July at 2:16am and weighing 7lb 10.5ounces 

    I went into hospital on the 27th of June for bad migraines and after protein was found in urine at routine antenatal appointment. Only to be told that they wanted to keep me in and induce me due to my blood pressure also being high. Induction started on the 28th at 12 and contractions were 4 in 10 by 4 o'clock but only lasting 40 seconds. The next day my waters were supposed to be broken however staffing levels were too low and I was made to hold on until my waters went on their own at 2am on the 30th. 

    I was taken down to the labour ward where after 16 hours of gas and air I was told baby was back to back but I had got to 8cm. Then once I reached 10cm I was told to start pushing and the drop was ramped up to get him going, 2 hours into pushing the baby turned his head and i was taken down to theatre for an emergency c section. They tried forceps prior to this which didn't work! My husband sat by my head talking to me and the anaesthetist about how we didn't know what we were having for a couple of minutes before they lowered the curtain and showed us we had a little baby boy - with huge Cahoonas! 

    I was then placed on high dependency for a day and was allowed home the next day after having staples. 

  • imageCharlie was born on 20th June at 36 weeks and 5 days. I was being scanned every week by my consultant and when I went for my scan on 19th June she scanned me for about 30 seconds before saying I think you've had enough now haven't you? Would you like to have your baby today? So of course I said yes! She gave me a sweep and said I was already 2cm dilated  . She told me to come back to the labour ward at 6pm if nothing had happened after the sweep and that she would come up to the labour ward the next morning for a cuddle with my baby. 

    I went in at 6pm but they said they couldn't break my waters so gave me a pessary to speed things up. The next morning the consultant came and was surprised to see me still there with no baby. She said if they don't break your waters in the next couple of hours to tell them to call her and she would come down and break them but I was scared to sound like I was complaining so I didn't say that to them. Instead I spent all day walking up and down stairs to the 5th floor of the hospital to try and speed things up. They said they would examine me at about 8.30pm to see if they could break my waters but at 5pm when my consultant had finished her shift she came back to the labour ward to see me and apparently went mad at the consultant on the labour ward for  still not having broken my waters at which point I was immediately moved to a delivery ward and my waters promptly broken. The midwife said she had never seen so much fluid as I had polyhydramnios (excess fluid). The floor was like a swimming pool! The next hour was a blur of one contraction after another . My husband arrived 10 minutes before Charlie made his appearance just under an hour after my waters were broken. He came out like superman with his arm up next to his face which meant having some stitches! Seems strange to think he still shouldn't be born for nearly another week ❤️❤️

  • I don't know whether my labour was short or long. It felt like an eternity. 

    i was admitted for induction at 38 weeks and went the whole 24 hours without anything progressing. i was having a few contractions but nothing much. Just under 4 hours later I was really uncomfortable and my waters broke. I was then getting kore contractions and they were much stronger, I couldn't speak through them. The hospital gave me paracetamol but i needed more. Less than 2 hours after waters going they examined me and I was 7 cm so I was taken down to delivery where within 30 mins of me being examined on the ward, I was fully dilated. However the next part took 5 hours!!! They ended up helping him out with a cap as he just wasn't coming out. I ended up losing 1.2L of blood so it made the after care a lot longer but it was all worth it. 

    Baby Jacob was born on 8th July and is perfect.  

  • I was originally booked into have a elective c section on the 19th July but due to complications and me being admitted to hospital with further reduced movements my section was moved forward to the 11th. I arrived at the maternity ward at 7.15 I was taken down to the labor ward at 8.30 where I was prepped for surgery and taken through at 11.45. The operation was completely different from the first time round it was alot more calm and relaxed and Charlie Alexander was born at 12.55 weighing 7lb 8oz the first thing he did was pee all over the staff 😂. We were taken to be monitored for an hour before being taken back up to the maternity ward. We stayed in the hospital for 2 days during which time olly came to meet his baby brother and was discharged on Friday. The weekend has been trial and error settling into a brand new routine 




  • Thank you all so much for sharing your birth stories - they are all so unique and make for amazing reading. 

    If you haven't already, please do drop me a PM with your full name and address so we can send you your baby gift.  

  • I went in for a scan on the Friday 7th at 12, after being sent back to mau they decided to induce me for reduced movements. (I was 37+1 weeks) I had a pessary put in that evening. Nothing really happened other then a few twinges. I had to take pessary out sat night as it had been in for 30hrs. Had a bit of a emotional breakdown as they kept promising me the next bed was mine yet everyone around me kept going up. It was extremely busy and they were all further along then me. On the Sunday I excepted the fact I was in for the long haul and may aswell just relax. My oh and 2 boys visited me and we went to the park (in the hospital grounds) mw phoned oh to tell him they were ready for me, I practically ran back in. Oh went to take the boys home and I was upstairs into delivery 16.30.
    It all went really fast from there, I had my waters broke, a mw practically sat on me as the other broke my waters. I was 2cm! They put clip on babies head to monitor his heart rate My god that hurt!! I had the hormone drip after about and hour. By 19.30 I was 5cm and feeling the urge to push. I asked for an epidural but when she came to do it I was fully dilated and ready to go. So I started on gas and air and little man was born at 21.47 😊 It was by far the fastest and the best delivery out of my 3.


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