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Siblings Sep 15

Has anyone else got children? My little boy is nearly 3 and we haven't told him yet as he tells everyone everything! A friend of mine took her two year old to the 12 week scan, but I just think he would cause havoc!!

How are you/did you tell them? How involved are they?

Vicci x


  • Hi icklevicci. I have three LOs, aged 4yrs, 2yrs & 8 mths old. As soon as my bump started to show, and I had my first scan, I started to tell them that they were going to have a little brother or sister and involve them as much as I could, each of my DDs really took to it,and would talk to my bump, read stories and ask lots of questions as to what baby was doing,I did take them to my scans..and they did get a bit restless..the worst was my youngest's 12wk scan, as both my girls were tired and climbing the walls! eek! they were however fascinated to watch their brother on the screen! They were also very excited about the birth(s) and enjoyed helping me choose clothes, toys and even pack my hospital bag (i took 4 teddies when my 2nd was born & lots of lego when my third was!) image

  • Yeah I told my 4yo after our early scan but she didn't show much interest till I was clearly looking pregnant. She loves her lil sister tho x

  • I have an 18 month old little boy. He is currently a bit cross with Mummy for being tired and not being able to play all the time! We have told him but obviously he doesn't understand yet. He will rub my belly when asked though which is lovely image

  • I already have 2 children, a 15yr old daughter and a son who is nearly 9mths. I told my daughter with both pregnancies as soon as I found out. She wasn't really interested much until my son started to move and she could feel it and she seems quite the same this time around. She was definitely opinionated about names though.

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