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Down regging but no AF


Was wondering if someone could help me. I am on day 9 of downregging with buserelin injections but still no AF. Should she be here by now? I have my suppressed scan on thurs and am hoping to start stimms which wont be hapenning if af still hasnt arrived.

I am just worried the bus isnt working xxx


  • hi samsa

    i start my down reg with injections on boxing day but the info i have been given does say a period should arrive 7 -14 days later, so try not to worry. i havent got my baseline scan til the 17th of jan cos they cant fit me in so will be a long cycle!

    let me know how you get on x
  • hi angelheart,

    thank you for your reply. I have even done a preg test just to make sure :lol:

    I am having af cramps so am hoping she will come in next few days and then i can still start stmming hopefully. Fingers crossed. xxxx
  • Hi Samsa

    I was told that as long as you are on day 4 of bleeding when you have your scan it should be ok.

    Hope all goes well and AF turns up soon. Who would have thought we wished for AF to arrive!

  • hi sarah,

    So hopefully it will come by monday. I am also quite heavy usually at 1st so that might mean my lining is thin enough anyway. Yes, who would have thought id be wishing for AF!

    I am feeling so tired on these injections! Just wanted to get onto the next stage asapxx
  • hiya, Just an update - AF came in the end on the evening of day 10 injections and full flow by day 11. For anyone that is heading to this part of their cycle, just a warning - mine was much heavier and crampier than usual (sorry for tmi).

    Hopefully stimming within the next week! xxx
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