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Am I wrong??

Hi sorry but iv got to rant about this !! My dh has a son who we have every weekend, I have ec on wed and he said to his son today ( son didn't want to go bk to mums) that don't worry you be bk in 5 dais time. I then said what about my ec and he said well it's Wednesday. We don't get him till fri. Wev had him this weekend and iv felt like shit and next weekend I'd like to b with my dh alone!! Is this soooo wrong??? Spoke to my mum about it and she said well it is his son and he wants him,, but no one thinks about me image meanwhile sons mother is enjoying her new relationship and out every weekend

What do you think?? Sorry for rant ! Have no one to talk to xx


  • hi

    sorry to hear about your situation, cant really offer much advice other than to say that i have a son who goes to his dads and as far as we can, we all try to be flexible. ie when they were having their 2nd baby we didnt agree times etc just went woth the flo. Could you suggest that instead of coming for the whole weekend maybe he comes for sunday day? i dont know if thats practical but it would give you time with oh and he can also see his son.

    sorry i am not much help, hope you get it sorted xx
  • Hi angelheart

    I just wanted this coming weekend to myself and dh all the other weekends il just plod along as usual, wev had a massive row this morning and dh has said he wants to cancel ivf, how lovely!! I hate him at this point!!! Thanks for your reply Hun xx
  • big hugs coming your way...

    i can totally understand you wanting next weekend for you and your oh and as for cancelling the ivf, doesnt he know its a bit late?!

    i truly believe men just cant understand what the whole ivf process means to a woman, what it involves, how isolating it is.

    here for you hun x
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