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faint positive???

hi ladies,

I stupidly took a first response today and got a faint positive (not a squinter - can def see a faint line). I am 7 days past 5 day transfer so am effectively 12dpo.

Will the trigger be out of my system yet? took it two weeks ago today. Not sure if this could be my bfp? I have lots more tests and will be testing every morning from now on! Really weird to see two lines for the 1st time in my life even if it isnt my bfp



  • hi samsa,

    i dont know if trigger shot is out of your system but just to say my fingers are firmly crossed for you xx

    ps can i just ask, the progesterone we have to take, are yours pessaries or suppositries? sorry cant spell it!
  • mine are suppositories and have to take them in my bottom! Not nice!

    Have just done a digital (not with fmu) and it came up pregnant. They are less sensitive so am hoping thats a good sign xx
  • I really hope so Samsa, good luck xx
  • Very quiet, yay wahooooo. Fingers crossed for you hun, its looking good.

    Whens your offical test date? xx
  • Ooh, it sounds very promising, Samsa. Keeping my fingers-crossed and watching this space for confirmation.
  • Wow hope so congrats thats keep our fingers crossed whens your offical test day?

  • Everything crossed for you.
  • thank you ladies. My otd is not till wed but that will 16 days past egg collection. KNow some clinics do them 14 days.

    I have had brown spotting this afternoon. Really hoping its implantation. Its very light and only when i wipe :?
  • oooh good luck, keeping my fingers tightly crossed x
  • Congrats - sounds fab. Fingers crossed for wed x
  • thank you for all your messages. Spotting seems to have stopped and another postive today. So weird to see two lines after all this time!

    Not going to officially announce until wed and otd - just need to keep testing until then. Will be 4 weeks tomorrow, fingers crossed image

    Has anyone else tested yet? xxx
  • Sounding good Samsa xx
  • Hi Samsa

    No I am not allowed to test until OTD - 31.1.2011. Don't know how I can resist though, would love to know that our first round of ivf has worked.

    Good luck for Wednesday.
  • Just wanted to whisper *congratulations!!!!*

    Really hope that this is it for you samsa, will be logging on daily for updates!!!

  • Whispering congratulations. I will too be logging on daily to see your progress.

    I'm sooooooo happy for you.

    V x
  • sounds like really good news Samsa xx
  • Oh Samsa - how exciting! I have absolutely everything crossed for you. I really hope this is it! xxxx
  • thank you ladies! i did another three this morning, the clearblue hasnt moved up yet but dont think they are that accurate. I am 4 weeks today. I just hope it sticks xxxx
  • Congratulations! I am so happy for you and wish you well during your pregnancy...

  • g/c to say huge congratualtions x
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