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Hi ladies

Im finding this too difficultimage Iv never been in so much discomfort! Since et I have been very bloated ( look 6 months) it's got worse in the last two days, we went away for weekend and came home early as it's too unbearable! Last night was the worst, I was up all night,iv had major panic attacks and cannot walk properly! I do not feel any symptoms of pregnancy, this is the worst experience iv had and im so at the end of my tether, if I'm not pregnant I'm sorry to say I can't go through this ever again, I'm soo angry with my body sorry to rant, but iv never heard ivf being this distressing and painful,

Love gem x


  • Hi Gem

    Sorry, I don't know what to say. I have not experienced these feelings that you have and hope that it is just bodies way of dealing with the emby snuggling in.

    Sorry I can't be of more help.

    I have had nausea today and stomache cramps, but nothing like you are having.

    Take Care and thinking of you


  • Thanks Sarah,

    Don't think it is unfortunately wish it was! It's not my womb that's cramping. Thanks for your reply Hun and fingers crossed for you!! You have good signsimage x
  • sorry to hear you having such a rough time, its horrible to be so uncomfortable.

    I really hope you are pregnant but if not just remember every cycle will be different and you may have none of this another time.

    my fingers are crossed for you that this is your time for a baby xx
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