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help with blood tests ???

hi ladies, sorry i havent posted recently been a bit busy xx

ive got to have a blood test next week, however i am very scared and not sure i can do it.

ive come a loooooooooong way with my phobia and can now cope up until the morning of the test. i used to be absolutley petrified but now i have some control over it. hubby and i are having ICSI in august!!! wooooohooo.


anyone have any ideas for calming my nerves on having the blood test done??

i thought about calms (tablets) but they are only for sleeping, rescue remedy does not work. any ideas welcome pleaseeeeee !!!!

love stacey


  • hi

    try breathing exercises. lie down somewhere quiet, close your eyes and breathe in from your diaphram for 5 sec, hold for 5 then breathe out for 5. repeat this til you feel calm. when you are used to doing it you can do it anywhere. breathing from your diaphram and not your upper chest slows your breathing down and calms you .

    hope this helps x
  • Mrs_E......

    Advice from someone who hates blood tests and passes out frequently when I have them - Always ask to lie down when you are having the blood test. Make sure you've drunk lots of water before you go to the doctors / hospital. keep your arm warm before you have the test. Tell the preson who is doing it that you have the fear of needles / having blood extracted (or whatever your fear my be). I always find it better if the nurse doesnt tell me what she's doing and that I never look at the needle before hand or afterwards!!!

    I now have no issue with injecting for IVF but Blood tests / general anaesthetic get me everytime!!

    good luck. xx
  • thank you very much for the replies guys.

    really helps xxx
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