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hi there, i am due to have a fet this month ,i have never had it before, what are the success rates for putting two blasocysts back in


  • Hello Babydust

    I believe that the chances of FET working is about 20% but this statistic seems to vary depending on what you read. I had 2 blats put back in but often they are not keen to do this. have your clinic confirmed they will do this? You would assume that having 2 good blasts put in would make this higher but who knows, I hope so. Unfortunately it didn't work for me first time but will not be defeated and will be having another cycle again in May/June - due to start down regging in a couple of weeks.

    What are your timing like?? x
  • thanks for that ! i hope they will put back two since i haev had three unsuccessful cycles. my dh has low mot and count and morph but i am all good , i would hjave thought it would have worked by now but it hasnt ( what about you ?
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