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Hi to all

Hi ladies,

I used this forum last year and it really helped me get through a terrible time, so I just wanted to pop on with a post that I hope may give some of you some hope and support.

Me and DH started the journey ttc just over 4 years ago now. After months of tests and complete heartbreak and disappointment every mth when af reared her ugly head we were referred for IVF last year. Our first round started in Feb and they retrieved around 15 eggs. Id try to prepare myself for the treatment being unsuccessful but hadn't considered the fact that it was a possibility that none of the eggs would fertlise and this is exactly what happened. As you can imagine this was devastating. However I had ICSI the second time and they took 12 eggs. The weekend I had to wait and see if there had been any fertlisation was i've of the worse if my life, but we got a call to say 9 had fertlilised. We were absolutely over the moon and felt that there was actually some hope.

Two eggs made it to blast and 1 was transferred and I now have the most beautiful, healthy baby boy who is nearly four months old.

I have never felt so lonely and desperately sad as I did during my whole ttc journey. I felt an outcast with the rest of my friends who had all.conceived without a problem and never thought the day would come when I would see a positive line on a pregnancy test or hold my baby in my arms.

I hope this has helped some of you when times are dark and just want to say don't give up. Plus if anyone wants any advice feel free to ask

Love and hugs

EM J xx


  • hi Em J. thanks for sharing the success!!!

    congratulations on your son...... I've had 2 rounds of ICSI and just starting a FET !!! its horrible - some people dont know how lucky they are!!!

    I too hope I have a happy story to post soon!!

  • hi there

    thank you so much for that story it really gave me some hope!

    I just finished my first ivf but didn't even get to fertilized cos all my 12 eggs were bad. Immature. . Or just bad quality won't no till we try again in three months.

    I have never felt so sad as i did when they rang me with that news

    thanks you for takin the time to share your story Im sure this whether many others x x
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