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Schedule has arrived!

I have just received my schedule for our 1st cycle, I start down reg on 20th July!

Having IVF with ICSI as hubbys sperm is extremely low. We have been waiting for our chance for 3 1/2 years!

Is anyone else starting around the same time?


  • I am hoping not to be too much longer. Anxious is not a strong enough word! I will be starting on my next cycle (due 25th but sometines late) so should hopefully be around 14th August. I am excited and nervous at getting started but I am a scared not for the treatment itself, whatever I have to do to I will, but for the waiting after. Thats the bit I dread the most!

    We are also having ICSI due to extremely low sperm. My hubby is convinced that it will work first time because of this but I am trying to keep his feet on the ground! They will only put one back in on the first round at my clinic if you are under 35 so already our odds are lower.

    I hope everything goes well for you (us)

    Good luck x x x
  • Thank you for your reply.

    I think positivity is a good think but I understand your need to stay real also. I feel exactly the same.

    We are only having one embryo put back also. My plan is to take it one stage at a time and keep as positive as I can at each step. Starting with my reaction to the drugs - they are being delivered in the morning! Suddenly after such a long wait it all feels real!

    I wish you well and will look out for your posts!
  • hi ladies

    i used to be on here when going thru our ivf/icsi due to low/lazy/deformed sperm.

    Just to say dont get disheartened if the drugs need upping in your first cycle, our follicles werent growing so i got all upset but they upped the meds and it worked.

    Secondly, they would only put 1 back at our clinic on the ist attempt(as we were having to pay this concerned me!) but i am now 24 weeks pregnant.(still cant believe it after having spotting from 6-12 weeks then a bleed and a further week of spotting).

    good luck to you both, oh and drink lots whilst on the drugs to keep headaches at bay.x
  • Congratulations!

    Wow what a roller-coaster of a time you've had! Hope all goes well with the rest of your pregnancy - such a fantastic ray of hope!

    Thanks for the tip! x
  • Hope everything is going well LolsieG! I have just received my schedule yippee! start downreg on 22nd August.
  • Hope everything is going well LolsieG! I have just received my schedule - yippee! start downreg on 22nd August.
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