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First appointment at IVF Clinic....what to expect?

Hi everyone

My very first appointment has come through for the IVF clinic (Care in Nottingham.) Am quite nervous and no idea what to expect at the first appointment, just wondered if anyone could help? Also, anyone know on average how long it takes from initial consultation to actually starting the IVF cycle?

Thanks ladies



  • Hi Holly,

    I have my initial consultation on the 28th Dec, but had an informal chat with a fertility nurse on 14th Nov. We are egg-sharing, so there is a longer wait while they match us with a recipient and synchronize our cycles, but we were told 4-5 months after 1st consult until we start the actual treatment.

    I hope there are some others who can give you some more first-hand info.

    T x
  • Hi Hollie

    I had my initial consultation for ivf at beginning of Oct and I have just started my 1st ivf cycle! And had both my tubes out two weeks ago. So ver quick for me but glad as waited such a long time for this. Well feels like a long long time.

    On our first consultation we had bloods done to test for hiv,hep,chlaym,etc. I had hormone bloods done including amh. Then had some legal paperwork to fill in and take away for GP to sign. Then we were invited to open evening to learn all about the process from start to finish, which went to middle of Oct. I suppose it depends on your clinic and diagnosis.

    I know other women from other sites who have to wait longer. Suppose it depends if you nhs or private also?

    Hope you get on well. Lots of lucka and keep us updated

  • Hi Hollie,

    I'm a Care patient but at Northampton.

    It might be worth looking on the care fertility bulletin board (forum) to answer most of your questions and find fellow cycle buddies!

    The first appointment is a good chat they'll go through your side then your partners. They might suggest IVF or ICSI depending on your problems and show you how a long or protocol works (going from start of injections to transfer) They might discuss day 2 or day 3 embryo transfer or blastocyst transfer.

    They will want Hep B, Hep C, HIV for you and your partner.

    You'll also need chlamydia and rubella screening. FSH, LH and possibly progesterone day 21ish. As the problem wasn't on my side I didn't need lap and dye or any other procedures!

    Your other half will also have to do a semen sample.

    Dont worry if you haven't had all these tests done as they can organise them but you'll probably find your GP can do them.

    My husband had to have a karyotype done (basically checking his genetic make up right number of chromosomes) as he has pretty much no sperm.

    To give you an idea of time we had our consultation end of June but had to wait 6 weeks to get the karyotype tested and I wasn't immune to rubella so needed a vaccination.

    I started injections 4th September then had transfer 30th September.

    There's so much to take on board but I have great faith in Care (we had our DS first attempt) and looking to try again shortly after a failed Frozen transfer.

    Good luck

  • Thankyou so much for the information ladies! I initially didn't want IVF, but now i've got my head round it, I'm excited and actually wish I could fast forward to my first appointment, which is the beginning on January. At least I get to enjoy a stress free christmas...well apart from working most of it!

    Good luck to you all and lots of baby dust xxx
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