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IVF Lite - anyone??

Was wondering if anyone had had ivf lite or was thinking about it.

We had an appointment at a private clinic and they sugguest ivf lite for us, we agreed and we are booked in for egg collection around the 20th Feb. Im currently taking birth control pills until they say to stop taking them (which i think will be start of Feb), just waiting now for treatment schedule to be sent out.

Has any one any experience of ivf lite?



  • I maybe starting treatment using IVF lite. I already have a daughter by 'normal' ICSI but when we were looking into having another baby this came up as a possibility and is much cheaper too! The clinic we are with have said ok so long as my AMH results come back ok and I loose some weight (which I knew I needed too)

    The ways in which it differs to normal IVF/ICSI is the drug doses are lower, they collect less eggs and only put one back, because of the lower drug dose there is less risk of OHSS and only one embryo means less chance of multiple pregnancy, this is what I've been told/read. Hope this helps and good luck with your treatment hun xx
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