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Unexplained Infertility? Confused?!

Hi Ladies,

DH has had 2 SA's one showing low sperm morphology at 2% and the other showing just over the WHO recommended guidelines at 5%. The doctor said that hubby has to have a 3rd SA so we're currently waiting for the results.

We don't feel as if we're getting anywhere with the NHS so we went to an open evening at a private fertility clinic last night. We spoke to the consultant afterwards and we explained our situation. He said that he takes the morphology reading with a pinch of salt and that there has been a study to show that there is no link between low morphology and rates of conception. He advised me to have an AMG blood test and to have a HSG if these all come back as okay then we'll be classed as unexplained fertility.

This was great to hear because it makes hubby feel better and also give us hope that it could happen naturally. My only worry now is if we do need help via IUI or IVF etc? I don't want to rush into this lightly as there is a lot involved but we've been TTC for 18months and I'm struggling to cope as it is. I would hate to give it another 6 months and still be in the same situation. Or should I be thinking that if it hasn't happened in 18 months then it is very unlikely to happen naturally now.

The sane part of my brain is telling me to do the AMG, HSG and then have the consultation and take it from there as these could alter our situation. Any thoughts ladies or advice with unexplained fertility? If there was a definite problem I'd have no worries about IUI/IVF.

Thanks x


  • Hi looby

    Me and my partner are sort of in the same boat as you. We have been tying for about 19 months. My Hubbies had 2 SA, one was a borderline result and the 2nd one was slightly better. I've have day 21 bloods done, day 3 bloods, HSG etc- all came back normal. The NHS virtually just said we were "unexplained" and to come back after we had been trying for 36 months !!!

    I'm 31 and my partners 40, we didn't really want to wait for another year and a half with the NHS. So just before xmas we went to an open day at a private clinic. They suggest ivf lite for us (ivf but with less drugs). We are going ahead with it. I get my ivf drugs delivered tomorrow, and egg collections is going to be approximately 20th Feb.

    I know im probably being impatient going ahead with ivf lite, but we really dont want to wait any longer.

    I would try and get your HSG done. Would you get this done through NHS or privately? Had you had any other blood tests done?
  • Hiya shaz247uk thanks so much for the post it's nice to hear from someone in the same position. I've had 21 day bloods done which were fine but they won't do any other further tests on me as cos of our 1st SA result they said the problem was with my hubby and not me.

    I'd get the AMH blood test and HSG scan through the private fertility clinic and then have our 1st consultation when they are back. My main worry is how long to leave it before we go down the IVF route we don't want to wait any longer either as I'm struggling to cope emotionally. I'm 30 and DH is 31 if we put it off another 6 months and b in the same situation.

    I'd love to know the stats of people who do conceive naturally after a year and a half of ttc, I don't think it would be very many. Nice to hear from someone who has been ttc the same amount as time as me as most people I read from have been ttc a lot longer.

    Good luck with ur egg collection hun how are u feeling about it all? X

    Hi Loopy thats a link above for stats on how long it can take. If your amh and hsg come back good you could try iui first it's less invasive than ivf and way less expensive. I've read a few stories of people getting their bfp's with the first couple of try's.
  • Thanks wibblewobble1 x
  • Hiya

    I started IVF in September & it worked first time! Once you have had the tests & consult i would start IVF straight away. We found the whole experience was fine from the injections through to the egg collection & embryo transfer.

    Don't delay, start today! good luck x
  • Hi all,

    We are also unexplained though secondary for us which is possibly more annoying? Been TTC no2 for 3 years now and fell first month with daughter. I went back to consultant last week having not seen him for a year since the clomid didn't work. He now wants me to have AMH and other bloods (should have done it last week but couldn't go so now got to wait another month) then he'll probably recommend IVF but in the meantime we're both to take stronger folic acid and vitamin E. Anyone heard of vitamins alone helping?

    Loopy - I definitely don't think you should wait any longer. Good luck!

  • Hi LadyNewbury thanks for the reply and congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm glad you found the procedure all ok, I went to view the facilities at the clinic and I have to admit it scared me slightly, especially the thought of the egg collection as I will only be sedated but I'm read some people have it when they are put out completely.

    Hi roberjl hope all the bloods tests go okay for you hun. I don't want to wait any longer tbh, thanks for saying that I should go for it image A lot of people seem to wait much longer before starting IVF. Hope you get you BFP soon. I've read men being told to take higher doses of Vit E and Folic Acid as it helps sperm x
  • Hi - crashing here but thought it might be useful...with my first we were diagnosed 'unexplained infertility'. That was at 20 months of trying. At that point I didn't fancy any treatment so thought we would just wait a while and have a think about what to do, then at 22 months I got my BFP with my son. Was trying for no. 2 for 15 months again with no explanation - am now 8 weeks. So not necessarily unlikely to happen but obviously everyone is different and I know it is difficult the longer it goes on. Drove me mad people telling me to relax and it would happen! Good luck all x
  • Thanks latorre and congrats on your pregnancy. Yes it certainly is getting harder the longer it goes on. AF is due tomorrow and I'm hoping and praying that she doesn't show and we don't need help x
  • Hello

    Don't be worried about the egg collection, if you had a look around it probably all looks very clinical but thats good at least you know they are clean & professional.

    They told me that the collection is done under a heavy sedation but i also think i was completely put under cause you are not aware of anything & you won't necessarily feel anything after either, it just doesn't sound very nice! The clinic i went to gave me & my husband cups of tea & loads of biscuits after, i took them all home!

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