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Starting IUI and my story so far

Hi everyone,

I have my IUI planning appointment on 22nd March so thought I would join you all to get/give some support.

Story so far:

DH and I have been ttc since Dec 2008. After about a year and a half of no luck at all I went to GP and she did the basic tests which all came back fine and we were referred to hospital. Tests from hospital show my FSH is high for my age (I'm now 28) - they keep asking if we have early menopause in family...which we don't (Mum isn't even there yet!). I also had AMH (I thinks that's the right letters!) test done to check my egg reserves but they said that was fine. They also said my CM was inhospitable. But I am ovulating each month fine and have regular periods. So I started 6 months worth of Clomid. First cycle I had BFP, but sadly didn't get past 6th week. Then the last cycle I got BFP, made it to by early scan at 8 weeks, but no heart beat and a few days later I started to bleed. That was back in Sept 2011 and the rest of 2011 I spent waiting for my cycle to come back and having a HSG in December - which didn't show anything signicant. The consultant says we need to push on with further treatment because my increasing FSH suggests things are only going to get harder

So here I am, and I just got the phone call this week to come in on 22nd March for my planning appointment for IUI. My af should start the day after on 23rd. Does anyone know if I would be able to start straight away. When do you have to start injecting? Do you get the drugs straight away? I will be a bit gutted if we have to wait until next af before we can start. But then I have waited this long....what's another month hey!

Thanks for reading.


  • Hi MrsTibby,

    So sorry to hear that you are having such a rough time of it. I'm due to begin IUI on 25th/26th March so we'll be starting around the same time. I have just been told to ring on CD1 to begin treatment so not sure what happens about the drugs etc. Therefore I'm sure you can start straight away.

    Can I ask what your AMH was? Mine was 28.8 and I had my HSG done last Monday which came back as normal. I haven't had my FSH done though. My DH has low morphology but all other SA levels were ok so I'm hoping IUI will work and we won't need to move to ICSI.

    I'm currently 1dpo and I'm wishing the 2ww away already so that we can get started. Good luck hun x
  • Hi loopy,

    Thanks so much for your reply. My AMH was 5....just looked online as this seems very different from yours and apparently there are two scales - pm01/1 which is a scale from 0 - 48 (which must have been the scale your one is from) and ng/ml scale from 0 - 10 which mine is using.

    I find it odd how different clincs work....fsh was the first test u had to do.

  • Hi MrsTibby, yes different clinics use different scales its a bit confusing. We've decided to go private as the NHS hasn't been much help to us to be honest we've been TTC 2 years and still haven't had an appointment to see the consultant and we've been told that treatement is another 18 months on top. The clinic we are in only wanted AMH as they see it as much more reliable than the FSH.

    5 on the other scale is optimal fertility so that's great! Good luck with your treatment let me know how you get on x
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