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only 2 eggs

Hello Ladies, was wondering if someone could help. I had my eggs retrieved yesterday and am waiting to call to see if they fertilized, the thing is that they only got 2. Any body have some advice or success stories that even 1 would fertilize and they had a very happy ending!Very cross with my body as we have been trying for so many years and all along my fertility has been fine. Thankyou


  • Hi Laurelladie,

    I've just had IVF and I got a positive result. I know it must be upsetting to think you have two but you only need the one good one image When do you find out if it's worked?
  • Thankyou for your message, I found out yesterday that 1 egg fertilized, they put it back this morning and i am just crossing my fingers. It developed to 5 cells which the embryologist said was good! Congratulations on your positive, I hope to be able to say the same soon! Kind regards
  • I wish you all the best and I'm keeping my finger and toes crossed for you.image

  • Wishing you all the luck in the world. My little boy was conceived through ivf he's now 28 months old and a busy little bee, but worth it all. X
  • How did it go Laurelladie... thinking about u .. xx

  • MrsCupcake87 Hello, thankyou so much for your thoughts! It went really well and I'm pregnant. If I am still having a positive pregnancy test on tuesday then they book me in for a scan. I will have had my little embryo which I am calling Tarquin as a nickname on board for 3 weeks tomorrow but the way they date you it makes me 5 weeks pregnant. I wish you all the luck in the world because it is heartbreaking not to get pregnant, we didn't have IUI because my husband had no sperm however my freind who is a lesbian with pcos just had her first IUI and is now pregnant. You will be fine, what will be will be! We have been trying since June 2005 so I am ecstatic. No amount of babydust I send you will work it is all about good eggs, sperm and that hospitable uterus!!!I will follow your progress, lots of love.

  • Wow that's great news!! congratulations. xx
  • That is fantastic news..... imageimage So nice to hear of success stories.. I wish u all the best for the future.

    Bet it feels sooo surreal eh??? :O I cant imagine what it wld be like to see that positive test!! We've been trying since Sept 2007, not as long as yourselves.. but it still feels like forever!!

    Thats always great news about your friend and the IUI.... Ive heard off so many success stories from IVF/IUI/ICSI and wee miracles already this year....Ohhh this could be a good year after all eh... image Your right about all that babydust tho eh.. no amount will work!

    Have u any tips for getting ure body ready for the treatment etc??


  • Hello MrsCupcake87, thankyou for your best wishes, it is very surreal, I have been peeing on a stick everyother day to make sure little tarquin is still in there! 2007 is forever ago, but you will get there, just let it happen, dont stress over everything because you will only exhaust yourself. In regards to tips on preparing yourself, well there is none! as long as you are taking your pregnacare and eating well the rest is out of your hands. I had a real struggle with my weight, had to get my bmi to 30, I did, by doing the cambridge diet, it worked however by the time I went for embryo transfer was eating again and it was 34,  I still considered my self healthy at 14 stone, and I still got pregnant!! Size 16 is completely acceptable, I just had to jump through a few hoops to get there!

    When it comes to your 2 week weight, if you are in a heavy job(I am a staff nurse on a heavy ward) take the time off, other wise just take it easy, sitting at home just drove me crazy but you have to rest!!!

    In regards to my husband, well when he saw my post he was cross, so to correct my self there was only 3 sperm in his sample but when he had pesa they got 4 ampules, which is great!

    Tigerlilly1, hope all is well, sorry to hear about your bio chemical pregnancy, I prefer the term early miscarriage, that way it is easier to understand the grief.

    best wishes, george

  • Hi Laurelladie,

    Thank you.  I wish I had known to do more tests but my clinic said I didn't need to.  I knew I didn't feel any different but people kept telling me thats normal and to wait for my scan.  I waited three weeks and only started to have brown stuff a few days before but was totally gutted to be told the baby didn't even start growing.  I am going back tomorrow for a follow up so I can find out what went wrong.   

    I'm glad all is going well with you.  Keep in touch x

  • The clinic didn't tell me to do more tests, it was for my own peace of mind! Your day will come, good things come to those who wait, or so I hear!xx

  • Yeah when i think back 2007, was a long time ago.. so much has happened in that time. I came off the pill in the September of 2007 and my Mum passed away early 2008... so things havent been easy. The stress of TTC has definitly taken its toll on our relationship too, but we are trying to stay positive this year and look to the future! image tbh last year we didnt think much about this baby making at all, and just tried to get ourselves back.. rather than the baby obsessed people we had become (well when i say people.. i really mean me, he rarely mentions babies etc)

    Im sure my BMI has to be below 34, which it is at the moment..but my weight fluctuates soo much, I could easily go above that if i dont watch.. but tbh its really no a priority at the minute.. I was on pregnacare a while back (wishful thinking and all that), I think i may get it back in, and take it. Ive thought about acupuncture/reflexology too... still only a thought at the minute tho. Really need to decide what im going to do regards it. Im really not wanting to let work know very much about all this treatment, id rather keep it to ourselves and off course you lovely ladies.. so i will think about the time off etc, and how im going to work it!

    Thank you for taking time to reply to me and give me your advice on it all image


  • Hi Mrscupcake87,  I'm really sorry to hear about your mum and all the stress you have been through.

    We have also been ttc for about 5 years, we didn't think about it at the start but now it's all I think about. We have had all the tests done and luckily there is nothing wrong with either one of us which is great but also so annoyingimage  I'm hoping tomorrow will give me more answers.

    I had reflexology done which totally relaxed me, I also listened to positive thinking cd's and treated myself to an all overbody massage.  I have to admit that this time round I was so positive, I have dropped a bit on the positive scale but I know that I have to stay focused and not let it get me down.image It really does help talking to people in the same situation.

    I was signed off for the two weeks and I highly recommend it so you totally relax.  I didn't do that the first time and who knows if things would of been different but I will always wonder.  My boss knew why I was off but to everyone else I had a virus!!

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