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Abandoned cycle


Yesterday I had the most heartbreaking experience.  My partner I have been trying for 2 years to get pregnant and due to his poor motility/morbidity/morphology and my 'undetectable AMH' levels of 0.1, we were referred for the ICSI version of IVF.  Throughout the treatment they advised that nothing was happening and I should prepare for the worst and consider egg condation (I'm almost 40),  On the day of egg collection there were two folicles which were just acceptable, which were going to be drained.  The stress levels were huge for my partner and I and we had a blazing row.  When we got to the fertility centre at the hospital they made an on the spot judgement that becuase we had been arguing we were not in a stable relationship and they cancelled the egg collection stating it was classed as an abandoned cycle.  My partner and are are just destraught, we both left the hospital in tears.  Despite trying out hardest to convince the Centre Director, we missed the window for egg collection.   We have been together over 4 years and are very stable, loving relationship, we just had a bad morning but the hospital were playing god and judging us on the basis of one stressful morning. I feel so upset as they stated so often this was my only chance, now i feel I have been robbed of that chance, forever. I am so disappointed and furious with the fertility centre (NHS).  Firstly, have they no conscience? Have they never argued with their partners? How can they take possibly my only chance, even if it was a slim chance - it was still a chance?  Secondly, despite my partners very poor sperm quality, is it possible for us to get pregant using the matured eggs (if there are any)?  I had the full course of injections including the final booster one. My next period would have been due 5th/6th November.  Please help, my partner and I feel very cheated.  We've cried so much since this happened yesterday morning - we cannot forgive the clinic for such an appauling decision - we both have good jobs, supportive families and have wanted this so much.... together.   


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