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I wonder if anybody can help my husband and i have just been through our final lot of IVF treatment and are awaiting the results as i have no frozen eggs left and at the age of 40 we won't be having a other attempt as this is our third go and we have have been blessed with a wonderful son on our second attempt so we are just all fingers crossed that this attempt works to enable our son to have a little brother or sister - as you all know the cost is very high and our consultant has over prescibed us drugs to the tune of more than £350 worth of unopen drugs does anybody know where we can dispose of these or if there is anyway in which i can sell these back to any orgnisations or drug companies to recoup some of the money back.


  • Its against the law to sell medicines as they have prescribed by a Dr for one individual. All you can do is donate then to a clinic for re use or disposal. According to my clinic
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