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cramps and spotting

Hello, I'm new to this. I done my test after my 2nd ivf cycle an my result was positive after 12years trying for my baby. I got my 6 week scan next week. Today I had some spotting an what feels like period pains. Its now just some pain to the left side. Laying with hot water bottle to see if it passes. Can anyone help. Is this all normal as I don't know.


  • Been in for 3 separate scans now at between 5-6 weeks and each time no sac on us, I've had 3 different blood work done for hcg levels. 1st was @ 400. 2nd @1500. And 3rd @ 2584. They had told me if on 4th scan tomorrow doesn't show sac, I maybe having early mc. They can't see eptopic pregnancy.

    Has anyone else been in this situation and had a good outcome. I'm praying my baby is hiding an just not showing up yet. They say ur blood doubles every 48 hours and mine did 1st time but not quite 2nd. I've had morning sickness in between but only for an hour in the night. My boobs are tender but my belly aches. Someone help.
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