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Starting our IVF journey, and wanted to say hi!

Hi ladies, just want to introduce myself, I've been over on ttc for quite some time! Hubs and I have been ttc for nearly 2.5years, and had all the usual tests and apart from a small fibroid, we have been classed as unexplained infertility. I have a 9 year old from a previous relationship and so we are not entitled to bhs funding. We went for our first consultation a couple of weeks ago and have decided to go for ivf and as soon as possible. So I'm just waiting for cd1 to arrive then apparently I have to call clinic to arrange a scan and injection lesson!! I never thought it would take us this long or be this hard to get pg. We can proberbly only afford 1 ivf this year then maybe 1 more next year if not successful. Then we both think we will need to re asses if we can afford to keep going financially and emotionally. Looking forward to getting to know you all Andi x


  • Gosh i know how you feel.  We will have to fund out own IVF if it comes to that because I am 40 even though we dont have any children.


    Good luck hope you are successful on your 1st go x

  • Hi guys hope all is going well, I have just had IVF/ICSI, and had two embryos transferred on the 7 th feb I am happy to try and answers any questions you may have to help if I can that is, it can be very stressful especially THE 2WW but be positive, I had northosteron tablets for 10 days then waited for my period to come, I then started my injections the following day after my period started then ad scans etc, if I can help at all I will I know what I was like its very good to have someone to speak to in this situation image x
  • Hiya Andi,

    It depends on when you are due your AF i suppose, but i'll probably be on my cd1 before injections around the 16th March.

    I don't know my protocol until the 13th but i assume that i'll be having egg collection around the end of April image

  • Hi ladies, thanks for your welcomes.

    Went for my scan today and came away feeling utterly gutted. I can't start ivf until we come back from our hols in June, as my period was so late it's now too tight for schedule.

    I have been told I had a small polyp previously however they couldn't find anything and though uterus was all normall.

    However she was concerned that my follicle count was only 5 and she said for my age would expect to see 12-16! (I'm 32)... I'm so upset as I wasn't expecting this at all.
  • Hey andi wanted to say hi and that I think we may be starting ivf together! Had my hsg this week and follow up on 2nd May. We are on hols in May too so hope to start in June. How you feeling? Excited/nervous, I am! X
  • Just seen the bit about ur follicle number try not to worry hun all depends on the response on the meds x
  • Hi ladies

    Can I join you? Both me and DH are 34 and trying for our first. We have been diagnosed with low motility although numbers were 27 million. We have had all blood tests and have just been accepted for 3 goes of ICSI. Lastly I need to provide a urine sample (to prove I haven't got chlamydia!) and then we will be good to go.

    We have been ttc for almost 6 years. We are having one last holiday before cracking on and so we too are away in May ready to start June on a positive note.

    I hope we all get our BFP's in the next few months. Good luck! xTx
  • Hi of course : ) yeah ours is male factor too morphology and motility. Do you have 3 goes on nhs? our pct is only one but I am hoping if we respond well we might be able to freeze some eggs as to not start back at the injecting phase! 

    Funny that we are all going away in May to start ivf/isci in June ish time. Have you had a HSG and AMH levels done? they were my last tests. Just waiting on the ivf consultation now, not sure what to expect. Was so surprised there was no waiting list!

    Really hope we get our BFP's very soon : ) x

  • Yes we have been told we can have 3 goes on NHS. We have been for 2 consultations. I had an internal ultrasound the first time and then they explained the next steps at the second. The consultant said there was no need to look at my tubes for some reason. Haven't had HSG or AMH so perhaps that will be next.

    We had to decide where we want to have treatment as we can either stay at our local hospital or go to Bourn Hall in Cambridge. We have chosen Cambridge.

    Will be great if we all go over to the due in forum together! xTx
  • Hey ladies how you all feeling? Do you have dates to start yet? I'm hoping to get some more information on Thursday when I Ghent the hsg results. Wanna get moving! X

  • Hi Ladies

    Just wanted to butt inimage I'm also waiting for ICSI (TTC 6 yrs - Age 30 - Male Factor (CF)). Have had our 1st appt, then sent to have internal scan and bloods now waiting for 2nd appt to get started. They say there is no waiting list so very scary/exciting! Want the 2nd appt to hurry up!

  • We are just going to relax and enjoy our holiday. We go away soon for 2 weeks. Will be back in June and then it's all systems go. Will get our dates when we return, I don't think there is a waiting list.

    You seem to be at the same stage as me Sparrow although we have been for our second appt already and have also been ttc for 6 years.

    Roll on the summer BFP's!


  • Have a lovely holiday we go on Monday! coming back for consent forms and injection lesson then we are off! Really hope we all get our little sunny beans! xx

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