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I've been referred for IVF at Nurture Fertility, Notts.  I was doing really well with stopping smoking but have had a relapse right before they do all the consultation tests! 

I've stopped smoking again but I'm worried they will test my CO2 levels (as a previous smoker) and won't let me continue.

Has anyone else been in this position or aware of what tests are done before treatment begins?

I know I'm stupid for smoking but now I'm really nervous that I won't get treatment!

Any info would be great, thank you

L x


  • Hi,

    Well done on giving up smoking and sorry you've had a relapse.

    I know that when I went to my clinics 'open eve' they kept stressing that they wouldn't treat smokers (either parent) wether they were Nhs or privately funded. They didn't mention any tests to prove this, just that their nurses were experienced in 'spotting smokers' and wouldn't go ahead with any treatment.

    Good luck with the giving up and your ivf journey.
  • hi there, i have been there twice, and no they don't test for smoking, good luck with giving up, every little helpsimage x x
  • hi, i'm afraid they definately do test, i have been for my appointment only today and they tested both me and my partner with some equipment. they test the carbon levels and lung capacity ... you have to be below a 6 for them to continue with you or else they will simply send you away! i hope u carry on with the non smoking, and it is difficult as i only stopped at the new year because of the ivf.. but you can do this!! xx

  • Hi I know the above posts are a year old but has anyone recently been tested for co2 at nurture Nottingham before ivf? X
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