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hi ladies image i thought i'd start this thread for anybody down reg for ivf now, weather your on day 1, 5 or 10.. i thought it would be nice to share the journey at the same stage and discuss tips, concerns and side effects!! i am talking to a lovely group of ladies on another thread, thought it might be nice to start another!! 

I am 23 and I am currently on day 2 of down reg, waiting for AF to arrive for down reg scan and go ahead for gonal f ...

look forward to hearing from you ladies!! image 


  • Hey Kimberley its me again! I am just waiting for AF to start then day 2 I will begin the Buserelin : ) nervous and excited! then I go in for a scan between day 2-5 to check everything is 'quiet' then I will be given the go ahead for the menopur. Think times are slightly different as I am doing SO- IUI. Hope you are well how are you feeling?


  • Joey! image hi.. Wow that is soo exciting! I can't believe how far we have all come from the start of our other thread! I'm doing ok, a few headaches, red hot, all of the time! And my tummy feels a little sore I'm thinking that could be due to the change and everything ''shutting down'' as they say! Other than that its going fine, I'm just waiting AF now so I can get in for a scan and get the go ahead to start gonal F xx 

  • AF has arrived today at 2pm! called the nurse oncall and she said count tomorrow as day 1! so starting down reg drugs on Monday morning! she said that it wont change AF and I have also left a message for a first scan appointment, its all go cant wimp out now! not after 2 years! Glad you are doing ok and side effects are not to bad. It is weird looking foraward to AF for a change isnt it! xx

  • aahhhhhhh!!! ALL SYSTEMS GO!!!! i'm soo happy that your starting your reatment finally!! and i know.. looking forward to AF?? strange isn't it?! i cant for her to make an appearence so i can boo my scan!! i'm naturally due to start on thursday but the clinic told me that it can be late so i'm expecting a delay!! xx

  • I know I can't believe we are actually about to do something proactive about trying to conceive! So you are waiting for the go ahead that everything is clear and you have your blank slate for stimulation? It's mad that I will know by the end of July if it has worked or not! Xx

  • i know its sooo exciting! and yes, you got it.. that's where i'm at!! and i know i'm looking at around 4 weeks so will be round about the same time for us.. eeaakk!! we're guna do this xx

  • I really do hope so I do wonder if there is a chance that we could be the lucky ones it works first time for! then I think dont jinx it! silly really just trying to stay realistic and hopeful if that isnt a contradiction! This time tomorrow I will be injecting! on my leaflet it says - same time each morning have you been sticking to this exactly! just be nice to get a bit of a lay in some days! xx

  • Good luck girls ill b following this thread image x

  • yes well, y cant we bethe lucky ones ? image and i am being really positive about things but i have prepared myself for i not working, if i dont the  it would just be harder to cope with! 

    i do my injections in the evening, i try and stick to the same time, i have been doing them between 6 and 7 xx

    and LH86 thanks for the comment image xxx

  • ask away about IUI if you like kimberley : ) its been a long road to get to here! yeah time line is burselin for about 2 weeks, I will go in for a scan next week to check everything is 'quiet' then get the go ahead for menopur then scans every few days until 3 follicles (no more or will be cancelled!) Then ovitrelle trigger and iui procedure 35 hours after! be about a 2 week process hopefully and then the 2 ww so similar to a natural cycle I guess xxx

    thanks lh86 : ) wish us luck

  • ooooo also can you help? on the leaflet is says use the small needle to draw and inject but the lesson taught us to draw with big needle and inject with small. Does it matter? xx

  • Done it! I drew up and pinched the skin and hubby did the injection! It felt like a lot if pressure and a sting but ok image proud of us one down! X

  • aww i'm really gald your got that first injection out the way! its definitely not as bad as i was expecting! I dont suppose any of your clinics told you if morning or evening was better to inject? it's just, i do mine in the evening but most people i speak to do it in the morning?? and also i was half hour late to do my injection on saturday, do you think it will make a huge difference? I was stuck in traffic after work!! 

    IUI is very similar to the protocol for IVF then, we're on very similar time frames!! and as for the needles, they only gave me one type of needle for buserelin and i have a pen for gonal F, the needles i use for down reg are very small if that helps xx

  • Hey injection 2 was much better a slightly different technique helped : ) not sure why my hospital says am its a bit of a pain as I work different hours as I have to be up early every day now so lots of early nights for me! I wouldnt worry to much about the exact right time thing I do mine around 7am and plan to have a little lay in tomorrow so it is going to be nearer 8 tomorrow- I need sleep! Tried sucking up and injecting with small needle and it was fine. I have massive mixing needles for menopur (stims) as it is a pot of power and a pot of water you have to mix! so pleased thats not for injecting with! Got first scan 9.30 Thurs do you think Il be ready to stim by then? I think that the  nurse said thats when I will get my plan and menopur does advice xx Where abouts are you with the process? 

  • Glad you are getting on better with each injection! i called the clinic yesterday just to make sure and the nurse said that the times i am doing are fine image i'm on day 7 of down reg and just waiting for AF, as soon as she arrives i can book a scan and hopefully start stims image xxx

  • Come on your AF! I was day 3 of mine and the drugs made it stop! Hope that's ok only have a 4 day cycle anyway xx

  • i'm sure it will be fine image and i know im willing her to arrive haha!! she'll come soon,, it's all very exciting! xx

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