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Faint positive or Evap

So I didnt wait the whole 2 minutes until I threw it away and when i went back 3-4 hours later there was a faint vertical line. I haved missed period and other symptoms. I am going to take a digital test but I need more help anyone plz














  • Looks like its blue in colour so could well b a pos. it's miles darker than my first bfp. Test again in a few days good luck xx

  • positive congraaa

  • I took a digital said not pregnant clear blue. Still pregnancy symptoms could I be pregnant or is it deff a no?? Help.

  • cbds aren't as sensitive id try a first response with fmu x

  • thank you for all your response. ???????

  • I had my first evap line yesterday but with the $ test, I went back and looked after a few hours and it was a pretty dark 2nd line took another today in the evening and it was a smack in my face with a bfn... I truly hope this is a bfp for you!!!!, but I would def test again with a first response! image best wishes!!!!! 

  • Thanks maybe I want to be so bad Im convincing myself I am

  • Have you tested again? X

  • Not since my last negative because im very neverous and to br honest scared of dissapointment 

  • Bless how late ru now and any more symptoms? X

  • Im 2 weeks today and i have nasuea heartburn and frequent urination

  • Fingers crossed for you when you decide to test xx

  • Ive got my fingers and toes crossed. Thanks for all your help. I hate websites that i post on and no one responds

  • I got my negative from the dollar tree test better luck next tim I guess

  • Have you tested again? If not I would suggest testing.xx

  • Okay so today I spotted Only once and it was only enough to wipe with one tissue??? But next day and nothing.... this would be 4 days before my next period I missed last months period If I was pregnant I would be 7 1/2 weeks does anyone know what could possibly be going on. Ive tested with clear blue neg. dollar tree Neg. Ept faint line ??? Help plzz.

  • hey sierra id go to your doc and explain and ask for a blood test, i was 3 weeks late for my period and every test was bfn i went to the docs and even the dirst blood test wasnt enough to confirm pergnancy so repeated it again and finaly got a positive! this was with my son 5 yes ago, im now in the same position im 2 weeks late  all bfns if still no period next week il go for blood test x i too have spotted but only after sex? (sorry tmi) its as if my cervix is really sensitive x good luck xx 

  • Kellx Thank you so much I just really need to know whats going on... I mean My periods irregular but I have never spotted that little before when I have my period it is full on. I have a doctors appointment wendseday to check my ferility and they will use the ultrasound for pcos so im hoping to find a heart beat if thats possible. But im not getting my hopes up because all the test say no. But im praying for a yes.I just really hope I dont have any fertility problems. Not tmi because I have sex regulary at night like 12 but i found the blood the next day at like 11 in the morning 

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