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AMH Levels

Hi everyone

I've just received the results of my AMH levels and have been told I am in the normal range at 9.15. I have since googled 'normal levels' and I've seen that around 15 is satisfactory and around 27 is optimum. 

Am I being dum and looking at the wrong thing, or should I be worried? What results did you get? Am 34 and due to start down reg for ICSI in August.

Thanks xx


  • Hi trottee, 

    i honestly don't know that much about it. However, I had routine bloods done on the nhs and was told everything was within normal range ( cant remember the figure) so I didn't ask anymore questions. After another year of ttc and finishing all other nhs tests we decided to go to a private clinic. We paid for my bloods to be re checked and also a transvaginal scan to look at my ovaries.

    the said my bloods came back as borderline which can be further backed up by the scan which only found 5 follicles across both ovaries which apparently for my age they would expect 10-15 (was 32) though I was distraught, we finally had an answer. I never had the transvaginal scan to look at ovaries on the nhs and I'm not sure if its something they can/will do. But I had had blood/hsg & hysteroscopy and nothing was found.

    before you start Icsi they will scan you and that with amh levels decides your drug protocol ( I think!) so I was put on a higher dosage of drugs and classed as a 'poor responder' 

    if your not sure about it all, ask more questions of the clinic, I found they were all really helpful. 

    i have just had ivf, they retrieved 7 eggs, all fertilised initially, 1 was transferred and 2 managed to be frozen. A lady that was in the next bed to me had 29 eggs retrieved!!! ( I'm guessing she wasn't a poor responder!)

    good luck and keep us updated with your icsi xx

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