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Not long now

Hi, I have had an account on here for a while now and done a lot of reading but I think it's time for me to start getting involved, what I'm looking for is a place I can put down everything that's going on with me so I can understand things a little better and hopefully meet some like for like ladies who can reassure along the way image 

my story- I have been with my other half for 4 years now and tto/engaged for 3 years, we are both 27.

unfortunately after about a year of trying nothing happened naturally so we went to the GP to se if anything could be done, we were refered to the fertility clinic and went through a consultation where we disgussed our circumstances which were as follows - trying for a year, non smokers, non/minimal drinkers, healthy, regular 28 day period, ideal weight etc... my fiancé was asked to do an SA and I was booked in for a laparoscopy & lap & dye as well as bloods.

All my tests came back as normal however for myself it's a case of unexplained infertility due to being in a previous relationship without contraception & not getting pregnant & my fiance's results came back as a low SA.

we were immediately offered IVF which would have been due to start in a matter of a few weeks however unfortunately I suffered a bereavement in the family and we chose to put the IVFon standby while I got through my bereavement.... Now after a years wait and time to relax and take a break we feel we are ready and raring to give the IVF a go image 

we called the GP again and he re-referred usimmediately and 8 weeks later we were sat back in the consultants office going through our consultation to make sure our circumstances haven't changed and we still need IVF.

I had my bloods done 2 days later to check my hormone levels at day 2-5 and the following week I had my internal scan on day 8 of my cycle to check everything was fine which it was and the nurse even told me I would ovulate from my right ovary image

my fiancé needs to book a scrotal scan and a urine test which he still needs to do (I need to Kick him up the bum for that as he's a busy little worker)

now we are just waiting for a letter for a follow up appointment at the hospital to discuss the results and the next step!!

my other half is being really supportive and helped me Sign up on here as at times I can get very upset about our situation and he thinks this Will be a good place get advice and reassurance.

sometimes i feel very alone, we are both In management positions and work stressful jobs and while I'm trying to enjoy every  aspect of this exciting journey I don't have anyone to really talk to and I try to keep it all very laid back and casual for my fiancé as I don't want him to be overwhelmed by things and I also appreciate he has a lot going on at work, I also have lots of close family and friends but to my knowledge none of which have had any trouble conceiving and we'd like to keep things relatively private (only person I'm sharing things with outside of my relationship is my mum) so that's where you lot come in image vertual friends who I can share with.

one other thing that might be worth mentioning is that I suffer terribly with PMT and ovulation pain and period pain to the extreme and my hormones are sometimes off the scale and my poor man is usually at the brunt of all the emotions so I'm hoping by having this little site I can diffuse and extinguish some of the stressimage

im sure iv missed things out but anyone who would like to talk or anything please do because its b


  • ... Not sure why it cut off the end but I was just going to say I'm here to talk ane I look forward to chatting... Good luck & baby dust x

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