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IUI cycle and still no AF am I pregnant?

Hi ladies, I'm really hoping someone can help me. I'm on my 2nd cycle of IUI . Had my trigger 16 days ago still no AF and pregnancy test negative. Normally after my trigger shot your my first IUI cycle and clomid cycles it's been here on day 15 every single time.... But nothing now. Have had on and off cramping since Wednesday last week so I really thought AF was here. I have tested twice with a clear blue digital . Anyone else had this happen to them ? When did u get your AF ? Xxxx


  • hi there

    i would try a different test. the digital is not very sensitive early on. i would try first response or tesco test i used image

    good luck x x
  • Good luck, cbd not very sensitive at all xx

  • Hi ladies.... so there is hope for me yet. Im so confused image the month i did fall last year when i was on clomid i tested with a clear bllue digital on my test day and it was positive could it be that my hcg levels arent very high yet? Im really holding onto the hope that another test will give me that positive! still having period like aches and my backs getting abit achey now too. thanks ladies for getting back to me its really given me a little more hope! xxxxx
  • it could be, i would try another test. levels can vary.

    its nice seeing it in words i know image

    good luck x x
  • im gonna go and get different tests on my lunch break today and do them in the morning.xx
  • Thank you i think i need all the luck i can get! im now wondering if my trigger injection even worked? image i have tried calling and emailing my hospital but no answer... i just need someone to tell me what could be going on. xx
  • why don't you try a test, it would show up now if you were pregnant! image x
  • I did a clear blue digital this morning, do you think I should try a different type this evening? Xx
  • Do a first response, I got both my bfps on those very early, think first time I got a bfp about 10dpo thus time 8dpo. Just hold your wee in for a few hours n don't drink too much. Do it do it, so exciting! X

  • I'll go and get one this evening ... I am really hoping its a BFP!!! X Im really bloated and still got period like aches , also when I walk I've got this ache on my right side? Near my overey it's really weird.... Xx
  • And my lower back is aching xx
  • Fx for u keep us posted image x

  • Hi ladies... Well was admitted to hospital Tuesday morning , home now but in slot of pain. Apparently I've got a cyst on my ovary that is hemorrhaging . Still no AF and can only take paracetamol because there saying there could still be a chance I'm pregnant . image xx
  • hello lottie,

    i'm sorry things are rough for you.  

    i just had an iui this morning - it is c.5pm here - and i will have another tomorrow morning.  this is different than when we did it before.  we have done it twice before.  i am nervous!  today went pretty well, as i had my trigger yesterday around 3pm and his numbers were good.  so fingers crossed.

    i really hope that there is a chance you are pregnant!  sorry that there are complications.  any more news?

  • Hello there, first time posting so apologies if I get any of the acronyms wrong!! DW and I are 7 dpiui and going insane! This is our 3rd attempt. DW has so many symptoms this time which she never had before, cramping, bloated, emotional (more than normal) and today had a clear watery discharge. What do you guys think. Often read the stories on here and pray that we will soon get out BFP. Trying not to get the missus to POAS is driving me crazy!! 

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