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New to Clomid

Hi everyone I'm new to this forum and am reaching out in hopes of finding support for this process I am going through. ... This summer I has a laporscopy and had mild endometriosis removed. We have been trying for awhile now and I have just been put on Clomid 50 mg on days 3-7 and this month is my first month... And I am now in the two week wait expected period on dec 15, struggling with side affects and wondering how to deal with then feelings of hopelessness I'm feeling. I'm just wondering if people have advice for conceiving as well as emotional support. Thank you


  • Hey tabitha x didnt want to read and run, i opened a thread last year thats still going called New Clomid Advice?.... Theres alot of posts but there might be stuff in there that may help u or to join us x

    I too had a lap but it showed i have a blocked tube, i have a son from a prev relationship, hubbys sperm came back low last year but for 3 months hes been taking wellman conception vitamins and done another semen analysis done results came back today, he went from 14 million last yr to 104million! Amazing! I was on clomid for three months from march, didnt manafe to get pregbabt but now hubbys results are back im hoping to be put back on it x

    I didnt ov for five years after i had my son clomid worked wonders and i did ov just didnt get pregnant , was worth it just to ov again tho, the side effects can be bad but stick with it im sure itl work x i know how down and frustrating it can be but theres alot of support for u here ur not alone xx
  • Hi im new to this page. But had same as you laperoscopy and emdometriosis. Mine wasn't removed tho plus i had pcos. Its very hard the devestation you feel every month when pmt shows up. I haven't had many side effects just some dizzyness. I no its hard but you just gotta stay strong and positive. I have been on clomid 6 months this month with no success but my fingers are always crossed. Back seeing fertility doc in febuary if no success ill be taken off clomid. I wish you all the best x
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